Advent Sorrow - Biography


The Advent Crest has long since been featured on all merch including hoodies, patches and bottle openers.



Advent Sorrow is a six piece Black Metal band, the bands sound is a mix of black metal, symphonic black metal, doom with a touch of depressive suicidal black metal. Advent labels themselves as "Torturous Black Metal" which is supported by the howling screams of agony and depression by vocalist Rhys Kings. The bands first release in 2012 Before The Dimming Light EP was an instant success and achieved international acclaim which lead to touring opportunities with Marduk, Taake and Watain.

After a small line up changes in 2015, Advent released their follow up album As All Light Leaves Her. This release saw the band focus on a darker sound and unique vocals which lead to the album and merchandise selling out in weeks of release.

Advent has successfully toured in Australia, Indonesia and sold out shows in Japan. The band have their eyes fixed on their growing fanbase in Europe and are ready to share their torturous sound with the EU.