GodHateCode - Biography




GodHateCode established in 2007, by one of the most go-getting and creative personalities on the scene, Wolfgang Rothbauer (Disbelief, Zombie Inc., Eisblut, In Slumber, Thirdmoon). With the clear vision in mind, that anything that doesn't sound brutal and malignant won't get on a song, Wolfgang Rothbauer approached musicians Armin Schweiger (Afgrund, Distaste), Pelle Ekegren from Sweden (ex-Coercion, ex-Grave), Lukas Haidinger (Ultrawurscht, U.G.F., Distaste) and Philippe Seil (Distaste).

GodHateCode's first brutal step into the business was made by the debut album Aeons. It was released by Maintain Records in 2008, and was/still is celebrated as a insiders tip by both the press and the fans. Musically the debut album was more old-school grind/punk/death metal oriented.

At the end of 2009, GodHateCode started the songwriting for their second album. In 2010 the band had enough material for a full length album and recorded the songs at Soundspur Studio by Martin Zeller. The album was mastered by the Swedish death metal legend Dan Swanö at Unisound Sweden! After the full-concept album was finished, they sent a demo-version to Noisehead Records. After their listening session on the amazing brutality, Noisehead Records didn't hesitate to ink a deal with GodHateCode.

With the upcoming Weltenschmerz, GodHateCode perfected their sound into a ultra-violent modern hatefilled bastard. The album is dramatically, embraced by wrath and keeps a malignant atmosphere from the first to the last note. The lyrical themes describe the human bestiality fetish based on real life happenings and tragedies, and push the intenseness of the music perfectly.