Innzmouth - Biography




The idea was always there, deep down inside the mind of Daemon since the time he embraced the works of H.P Lovecraft but, when he searched for someone to join he was surprised as nobody had even heard of Lovecraft before. In 2011 a couple of songs were recorded for a single entitled Beneath the Darksome Waters with session guitarist Kobol. Then he began to get lost in other musical endevors with other bands and with foreign friends but the idea was always there, urging Daemon to give tribute to the master of horrors and that's why Innzmouth was formed as a one-man band under the banner of Funeral Doom Metal because that's the genre that best matches the Lovecraftian atmosphere.

In 2012 the Lovecraftian spirit had revived again inside Daemon when he found now partner in Innzmouth "John Hex" and together they began their journey of transferring the horrors of Lovecraft into a sound. This collaboration was so fulfilling as if they had found something they had always lusted for and that's when Daemon canceled all of his other bands/projects. They had finished recording their debut album Lovecraft's Dreams and in March 2012 Innzmouth is different because it is their very own attempt to pay tribute to Lovecraft., the man who made us embrace the tales of the unknown and that's why it's different, that's why it's weird and that's why it will not get to the minds of those who are not familiar with the works of Lovecraft. It's true that Lovecraft is dead, but his works will always live on through the music of Innzmouth!

Transcribed from information on Facebook.