Dark Philosophy - Biography

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Dark Philosophy was formed in the summer of 2004 by Noor Mephisto(bass/vox), Amr (Guitar) and Yakov (drums) as a black metal project.

Influenced by a variety of bands, Dark Philosophy plays music that has the grim spirit of raw black metal and some elements of the early death/doom acts. Several guitarists Ash, Ismail and Diesel successively joined and left the band, and Ismail returned in 2008. Keyboardist Ameera temporarily joined in 2005 and is featured on the band's first releases: The World of Barzakh (2005), and the 'Shrouded' EP, which was released in 2006 during the EgyptMetal Festival in Cairo. Yakov quit the band in early 2007 and was replaced by Tariq some months later. Noor Mephisto decided to focus on vocal duties, so the bass is now handled by E.O.Islam.

The band released their debut album, "50,000 Years" in 2011