Vanisher - Biography





VANISHER started out under a different name, Zero System, back in 2008 in Ridgeway, VA. At that time it was Justin Reich on bass and singing vocals, current VANISHER guitarist Kyle Odell on lead guitar and Joel Collins as the lead vocalist. Joel and Kyle had played in a band prior called Bloodjinn which had just recently disbanded. Justin had known Joel throughout the years and was invited in to play with his new project. Soon into the inception of ZS Joel left to peruse a career in music promotion and entertainment management. Meanwhile Kyle and Justin conscripted the talent of Adam Cody (vocalist of Glass Casket, current vocalist of Wretched) to fill the void and they soon released a self titled EP under now defunct Tragic Hero Records imprint, Gold Medal Records.

Experiencing a few member changes and an evolution of their sound; Justin, Kyle and Adam decided to change the name of the band to VANISHER and started writing their first full length titled The History Of Saints which debuted on Tribunal Records in 2010.

With some regional success and a few tours under their belts things were looking up but then a call came from Adam; he was leaving the band and making Wretched a full time priority (being that they were a more successful national act at the time and VANISHER'S sound was evolving into more singing and less screaming), it seemed like the logical next step in the progression of the band for Adam to step down and Justin to take over all vocal duties.