Cangaço - Biography




The Cangaço started its activities at the beginning of 2010 and currently counts with Rafael Cadena - Guitar/Vocals, Magno Barbosa Lima - Bass Guitar/Vocals and Mek Natividade - Drum/Percussion.

The art of the band it's to create new musical textures with roots at the folk Brazilian music and at the modern Heavy Metal, with lyrics urging reflection and critical sense at the current youth. "…the band walks through a way that scares the purist. They choose to mix the violence with the folk melodies of baião, forró, maracatu and so on. With one detail, what influences the guys it's the erudite school of the Brazilian northeast music: "Sivuca", "Quinteto Violado" and the guitar player Fred Andrade" (Wilfred Gadêlha, Jornal do Commercio).

At May 2010, the band stands out as winner of the Wacken Metal Battle Brasil. Competition that elects one of seventy-five bands of all the country to represent the Brazil at the Metal Battle in Germany, at the Wacken Open Air, the world greatest Heavy Metal festival, with shows of Iron Maiden, Gojira and Soulfly.

After that, the group conquered a good space at the most specialized publication of Brasil, the Roadie Crew Magazine: "…the power trio is really good…they not be ashamed to insert folk elements in music, but it's done with great intelligence and it's like the typical rhythms of the northeastern music are naturally integrated of the Thrash/Death that the band develops. Moreover, some passages show a curious influence of jazz, making the sound of the band unique. In addition, intelligent lyrics and the interesting work of the two vocalists make the band one of the most promising bands that emerged here in recent times" (Antônio Carlos Monteiro, magazine editor).

At January 2013, after two demos (Cangaço and Parabelo - 2010) and a EP (Positivo - 2011), the band releases the first album, called Rastros. Rescuing from the collective memory, the spirit of the ancient warriors of the sun that inhabited the Brazilian northeast a hundred years ago, showing by the light of the true, deep and sincere music, how necessary is the courage to live and assume the responsibility for thoughts, words and actions.

Cangaço brings the flag of the human evolution and proofs that social and economic barriers are no more than delays at that process and people of any part of the planet has conditions to show valid artistic and scientific proposes, independent of cultural labels.