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Gothic Knights - Biography



Hailing from NYC, Gothic Knights was formed in 1990 by guitarist John Tsantakis with the intention of crafting some of the finest heavy metal around. After gaining label interest from their 1994 demo "To Hell and Back", the band released its 1996 self-titled debut and 1999 Kingdom of the Knights CDs on Sentinel Steel Records. In 2003, the band released its 3rd CD "Up from the Ashes" on Limb Music further establishing them as a force and endearing presence in the world's heavy metal scene. Over the years, the band has played countless shows, opening for national acts, and participating at several US festivals.

Since their last release, the band has not only written a great deal of material but has also focused its energies on developing a top notch digital recording studio. It was decided that bringing the majority of the recording and production process in house would help Gothic Knights obtain a unique advantage especially with all the ongoing changes in the music industry. As of today, the band and has already recorded the drums for the next CD and half of the following CD. The band is now recording the remaining instruments and vocals for their next official CD titled "Reflections from the Other Side", which is to be released in 2009.