Ordinul Negru - Biography





This is a new project made by Fulmineos in 2004 into old black metal spheres, influenced by various underground bands from the nineties such as Burzum, Infernum, Countess, Moonblood, Nortt, Vlad Tepes, Arckanum, Shining or Woods Of Infinity.

The first material was a split, For Grey Winter Days, released by Arcana Noctis Label in a select company with Twilight Is Mine (Russia), Cosmic Transmigration (Finland) and Skaur (Norway). It was a very good beginning, the three songs that are on this material have a strange aura and minimalist structure. After this release came the first CD released also at the beginning of 2006 under the specters of the snow. Over The Frozen Battlegrounds was released by Australian label Smell The Stench and had a massive impact in the underground black metal scene world-wide due to great distribution and trades. Now the songs had a more funeral/occult sick dimension due the fact that were also used some additional atmospheric touches with some keyboards and acoustic guitars. Then Ukrainian label De Profundis wanted to release a split with [band]Ordinul Negru{/band], so Fulmineos contributed with some material from the first CD period but only unreleased songs gathered under the Archaic Dreams Of Frost and proposed Mourning Winter as a partner, who re-united after a long silence taking two songs from their debut Draco material and two brand new songs under the banner Pagan Ancestry to complete the scenery. Also in the autumn of 2006 the long-awaited split of Ordinul Negru with Man Among Stars came out as the second official CD of Banatian darkness. The songs of this material evoke the early period from the nineties black metal, raw, painful and true. Ordinul Negru presents four brand new songs while Man Among Stars their second output Shining.

In November the third CD released by Banatian Darkness was also a split of Ordinul Negru with Nocturnal Invocation - another project of Fulmineos. The reason of this release was the continue interest that UG maniacs had for the demo Left Alone In The Dark from Nocturnal Invocation that was released only in 100 tapes, and Ordinul Negru contributed with a true torture suicidal song of 18 min.

In January 2007 the new mini-CD Undying Attitude was released at Smell The Stench and received a great response, this was the introduction for the second album The Black Order released as a digi-pack by Lupii Daciei. This was a tribute-material for the French black metal scene of the nineties with bands such as Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Funeral, Bekira, Osculum Infame or Winter Funeral. Even it was planed to be released on 21 March the product in came available only in August. This delayed a little bit the release of a small project-tape entitled The Lost Cult Of The Raven that finally came available in October by Banatian Darkness.

The third full-album My Soul From The Forest was released in December 2007 as a tape version limited to 66 ex. by Smell The Stench and the CD version released in 1000 ex. by Azermedoth Records from Mexico in January 2008 and a special version limited by Banatian Darkness only available in the former Austro-Hungarian empire and in the Balkans territories. This material has a more "heathen" than raw approach of black metal, an experiment maybe but in the same vein Ordinul Negru adopted through time, an attitude influenced this time by the northern winter nature from the deep vast mountains were secret covens lie.

The 4th full-length Lifeless, was released in the last part of 2008 and it is a new approach but in the same traditional manner. This time the keyboards are again used, as in the last two full-length they were absent, in addition to a great nocturnal and mystic atmosphere. Also a new mixing different in style and intentions was made, resulting maybe a new and more profound sound in your speakers.

In 2009 two splits in were released, firstly with Karpates Omos, where Fulmineos also did some session vocals for this project. It was a beautiful traditional black metal CD with dark and mesmerizing harmonic songs involved that continued the tradition that Banatian Darkness has doned over the years; and the second one with Katharos XIII, as a tribute to a great astral event, the summer solstice.

The fifth album - Poems Of A Rooted Blade - it took some time until it was finished as Fulmineos worked on a different sound but by continuing somehow the line introduced on "Lifeless", with polyphonic sound sustained by keyboards and a more mid-paced tempo of the songs. Also the vocal lines were a bit different this time, as the whole sound required a more grim performance.

The lyrics were written in some special outdoors conditions and not being polished afterwards in order to give the full emotion and atmosphere experienced by its author enshrouded in the magnificent cold and shivering Carpathian funeral nights.

The Slovakian label Akne Productions released the MC version of this fifth full-length album in a professional pro-printed b/w variant with the tape coming also with a color sticker and studio duplicate recording.

The sixth full-length of Ordinul Negru released in 2011 and entitled Nostalgia Of The Fullmoon Nights celebrates the solstice night, the violent nature of the Carpathian Mountains, darkness and vast frozen forests, fog and the total essence of any human life-form. Eight songs of harsh nineties black metal were recorded in an analog system to capture richness and pure hatred and grim sound.

The idea of this new material was to destroy the continuance of the mid-pace direction established on the last materials, returning to the primary state of darkness.

After a few years spent on developing new ideas, Fulmineos decided for a new approach and recruited Andrei Jumuga on drums (also in Syn Ze Șase Tri, Transcealta, Spiritual Ravishment) and S on vocals (ex-Deliver The God). The new album entitled Sorcery Of Darkness will be released in the fall of 2015 and will be a massive change in sound and attitude but will have the same dedication towards the black cult.