Autumn Tears - Biography

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Created in September 1995, by Erika (vocals, musical arrangements), and Ted (keyboards and piano, musical arrangements, vocals). After an intensive period of song writing and rehearsing, they entered West Sound Studios to commit to tape the works they had created. In April of 1996, their first CD, "Love Poems for Dying Children: Act I" was released through Dark Symphonies, their own record label. The music of "Love Poems..." consisted of symphonic arrangements designed to evoke intense emotions of sadness and loneliness in the listener. Influences include ancient chants, classical music, and contemporary artists (Dead Can Dance, Anchorage, Stoa, Enya).

In May 1997, Autumn Tears released their second full-length album, "The Garden of Crystalline Dreams - Love Poems for Dying Children: Act II."

Erika left Autumn Tears after "Act II's" release to pursue writing her novel. New vocalist Jennifer LeeAnna was recruited due to her extensive experience and tremendous talent. The first release of "Act I" was originally supposed to be limited to 2000 copies and sold out quickly, but due to an overwhelming amount of requests it was re-released with a new layout and artwork in 1998. All tracks were remixed and remastered. As a bonus, an additional and exclusive track titled "The Intermission," was also included on the repress, in which Jennifer LeeAnna made her debut appearance.

In December 1999, Erika rejoined Autumn Tears as a full-time member.

In July of 1999, Autumn Tears released a mini-CD titled "Absolution."

In June of 2000, The band finished their third full length album and most epic release so far, "Love Poems for Dying Children, Act III: Winter and the Broken Angel."

In 2004, after four years of silence, the band recorded the album "Eclipse", witch is described, in Autumn Tears Official Homepage, as "the most epic, conceptual, and fullest neoclassical piece of music they have ever offered. Lush strings, acoustic guitars, and woodwinds accompany soaring orchestral soundscapes, painting the backdrop for a staggering array of vocal performances that range from operatic and classical solos to Baltic choral passages and duets." In the Eclipse recording, Ted Tringo had invited new musicians to join Autumn Tears, such as the female vocalist Laurie Ann Haus (ex Rain fell within) which shared the female voices with Erika in almost all the tracks. After the release, Erika left Autumn Tears to form her new band, Ignitor.

(source: Band's website)