Defiled - Biography



Formed in 1992 in Tokyo.

Released first one song demo in 93.

Released first mini CD "DEFEAT OF SANITY" from band's own Bizzare Records in 94.

Begun touring from November 95.

Released "DEMO 96" and played together with Cannibal Corpse in Osaka. Had over 70 shows in 96.

In 97, played in Korea as an unprecedented case with a band from Japan at that time ('couse their government had prohibited all Japanese cultures then). Had a show in Tampa with Monstrosity and Angel Corpse as our first US appearance.

In 98, went the Japan tours along with the following bands like Testament, Morbid Angel, Vader, and Arch Enemy. Toured the states for 3 weeks with Incantation, and also played Milwaukee Metalfest as the first-time for Japanese. Joined in a comp CD from Alabaster Records NY.

In 99, played with Impaled Nazarene on their Japan tour. Released first full length "ERUPTED WRATH" album from Nightfall/Terrorizer Records (USA). Played Milwaukee Metalfest again and in Korea too. Played November to Dismember festival in Texas and went to Mexico on promo.

In 2000, played Metal Meltdown in New Jersey and also had a fest in Montreal. Played with these bands on their Japan tours like God Dethroned, Krabathor, and Dismember. Joined a comp CD from Neoblast Records, Canada. Toured Europe (12 shows in 8 countries) with Dementor. Played in Malaysia too.

Released "UGLINESS REVEALED" album from Baphomet Records under Necropolis Records (USA) in 2001. Played with Defleshed, Dew-Scented and Night In Gales on their Japan tour. Played Metal Meltdown in New Jersey again. Collaborated with Masami Akita aka Merzbow in Tokyo.

In 2002, played at Metal Meltdown in New Jersey for three times. Recorded new album (4th effort for the ban) titled "DIVINATION" and had it mixed down by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recordings. Collaborated with Merzbow again. Had one show welcomed Mirai from SIGH as theremin player.

In 2003, got signed with SEASON OF MIST (France) and will release "DIVINATION" album worldwidely on the 12th of May (on May 20, in the states).

In 2004, toured 19 countires in Europe for five weeks with Norweigan black metal
legend Mayhem and got huge successes.

Get ready for the severe Brutal Death Metal attack from the East!! For the sun is
no longer the brightest thing to arise from the Eastern lands, and shall forever
scorch the earth!