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Place of Skulls was formed by founder of the legendary band Death Row, and former guitarist of Pentagram, Victor Griffin. Victor has written classic songs like "Evil Seed", "Death Row," "Too Late", and "Relentless", inspired by bands such as Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, and Black Sabbath. When Death Row eventually changed their name to Pentagram, they went on to release 3 albums showcasing Victor"s unmistakable tone: "Relentless", "Day Of Reckoning", and "Be Forwarned." Discography After getting disillusioned with Pentagram, Victor left the band and along the way decided against an offer to join up with Peter Steele"s Carnivore (now Type O Negative), worked on a couple of short-lived projects with Scott "Wino" Weinrich (The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan) in Los Angeles, and joined up with Cathedral for a short time for a tour of Europe supporting Black Sabbath. Once in the midst of forming something new in 2000, Victor recruited Tim Tomaselli, a hard hitting drummer with years of experience in the club scene up and down the East coast. Tim"s aggressive attack on the drums works perfect with Victor"s style of songwriting. Though they both share many philosophical and spiritual beliefs, the only agenda here was to create honest, hard, and heavy rock "n roll. Since the 2002 spring tour to support their debut release "Nailed" on SoutherLord Recordings, there have been significant changes in Place of Skulls. Namely, the simultaneous departure of original bassist Lee Abney and the addition of guitarist/vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich. Wino isn"t exactly a household name, but for those in the know, this guy"s a legend. For the last 20 years, Wino"s created some of the heaviest rock this side of Sabbath. Discography After years of slugging it out with The Obsessed in the clubs around Washington D.C., Wino made a break and flew out to LA to join St. Vitus as vocalist in 1986. Vitus then released several classicly heavy albums like "Born Too Late", "Thirsty and Miserable" (EP), "Mournful Cries", and "V" for the German label Hellhound. Eventually Hellhound put out a previously unreleased Obsessed album and encouraged Wino to do a tour with his old band. He put a new version of The Obsessed together and eventually the band got signed to a major label. Columbia put out The Obsessed CD "The Church Within" in 1994 but didn"t get the hits they were looking for. So after a lengthy legal tangle, they parted ways. Eventually Wino relocated back to Maryland and formed a new band called Shine, later changing the name to Spirit Caravan. With several releases to their credit like "Dreamwheel", "Jug Fulla Sun", "Elusive Truth", and a couple of 7"s, Wino once again cracked the normal rock song wide open with his unmistakable leads and soulful singing. For professional and personal reasons, Wino disbanded Spirit Caravan in May of 2002 and in July joined Place of Skulls. Replacing Lee Abney on bass is Greg Turley. His most recent endeavors have been writing, recording, and gigging with Washington D.C. based CounterShaft. In 1995-96 Greg was also the bassist for Pentagram. His talent and style complete Place of Skulls" rare combination of exemplary musicianship with top-quality songwriting and extreme heaviness. (Source: Official Site) The band announced breaking up in early 2005. Before the split, an EP was released titled "Love Through Blood" featuring 4 unreleased tracks.

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