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01. The Calm Before The End
02. Light Lies
03. Happy To Be Sad

The Bipolar Disorder Project
04. Once There Was A Girl Named Anna...
05. A Whisperer In Darkness
06. China Sencha Or A Brief Moment Of Love

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01. The Prophecy
02. They Will Not Believe What I Will Say
03. Light Lies
04. Light Truths
05. Happy To Be Sad
06. The Romantic Side Of Paris
07. Best Worst Case Scenario
08. Olga's Little Secret
09. You Are My Last Girlfriend
10. The Calm Before The End
11. I'm In Hate
12. I Get And I Give But I Never Forget And I Never Forgive
13. The Romantic Side Of Perish
14. They Will Not Believe What I Have Done
15. Epiclogue