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Saturnus - Paradise Belongs To You lyrics


01. Paradise Belongs To You

Find your wasteland sharp and cold
Beyond the doors of fear and love.
Seek the rose - her tiny leaves - climbing up the walls.
Even her life is taken by winter's night.
When he breathe upon her neck.

Look at her, as she smiles of death -
Her body grabbed by icy hands,
Any thorn is overruled by night.
For he crawls into the hearts of all.

The eye of the moon is glowing, though...
She is silent, at distance - lonely wolf is howling.
Then... everything is silent.
The cold is sneaking up upon us all.

The sun is gone, like a lonely man...
Now the angels start to fall.
Bloodstained walls - time is melting
Curtains torn apart.
Dark winds leap across the mountains
Death is, when life turns into art.

Sleeping heart
Know thyself, the beast you are,
Oh yes, feel, run into your arms.
Paradise belongs to you.

02. Christ Goodbye

Cathedrals, towers rising in my heart
A thunder roars deep and quiet.
Making love with the silent rain.
Christ flashes before my eyes with empty face,
He chants the world goodbye.

Christ goodbye... Christ goodbye...
The world has vanished before our eyes.
Horned with staff and cloak,
I approach the world's churchyard.
Grey skies transforming into deep black drops.

As the sun glance upon the holy ground.
The whore of life, delicious, irresistible, blood red sheet full of lust.

Every man has a dragon heart upon his own dusty shelf
(where) the thunder roars across the heavens.
The deepest chambers laugh -
Dragon king wake up, it's time to take this throne.
Cloven hoof scratch the floor; human, find your devil door.

Christ goodbye... Christ goodbye...
I am god, the human eye.

03. As We Dance The Paths Of Fire And Solace


04. Pilgrimage Of Sorrow

Gods above, beneath. behind.

And we'll walk the path of fire,
With trees and night above.

Mounting silence,
And my thoughts fall like tears.
Forever and ever, falling with you.

My pilgrim thoughts no longer dance,
And the air awaits my bloody god of pain.

05. The Fall Of Nakkiel (Nakkiel Has Fallen)

The moon cries - her tears of light
Fall upon the thirsty grass.
To welcome our feet - dancing
On this sacred ground.
Earth licks her dayburnt wounds -
Pouring out the sweetest dew,
Feeding our hungry eyes with
Images of fallen angels.

Seven stones of silver, a crown for you and me.
The lover's words of sin and pleasure
The chains that let us see.
The tree of good and evil, the snakes
That crawls from path to path.
All of them are with us here to whisper
Songs of lust and wrath.

Farewell to daylight,
Hail to the hallowed night.
Spread out your wings,
The sun is dead and gone.
Only the night will call,
Call and let you come.

06. Astral Dawn

Reality must sleep, for a while.
As I travel beyond our language.
Our personalities are manifestation of spirit.
The stream of eternal life carry us on to the end.

We are rushing oh so fast. across the surface, worship not.
Observation is creation, creation is reality.
Astral dawn. I shall see the faun
The atheist shall mourn forever.

The morning is my consciousness.
The world is my eyes.
The world is the lives, of all that lives.
Mankind dies as I close my eyes.
Live and seek your destiny.

Seek the gate within yourself,
more I shall not say.
Beware of evil, it has many forms, for it is not one.
Before my silence was past.
Let it now return.

07. I Love Thee

Take me to the forest
Where the gods play silently
Under the great branches.
We speak in a whisper
And you take my hand.

You and I under the oak.

Flaming gods
Takes our breath away.
They won't hear us
And we are, forever.
We'll lie in the shadows.

Flaming gods
Takes our breath away.
They won't hear us.

The scent of grass.
And I hope to wake with a smile
And not a sigh,
Under the starlit sky.

08. The Underworld

Standing all alone in the middle of a promised land.
Where is it? Where is it? Beyond the moon, behind the sun.
Always in the middle, in the middle of nothingness.

Remember, cross the ring of thorns with a pure heart.
Fear not, all true gods carry horns,
They will throw your eyes into the deepest well.

Lose your sight, gain another.
Seek the darkest fear, the deepest pain,
A forgotten secret of every earthly mother.

"Here beginneth the knights tale, unveil".

"By degrees we beheld the infinite Abyss, fiery as the smoke of a burning city; beneath us at an immense distance, was the sun, black but shining; round it were fiery tracks on which revolv'd vast spiders, crawling after their prey; which flew, or rather swum, in the infinite deep, in the most terrific shapes of animals sprung from corruption; & the air was full of them, & seem'd composed of them: these are Devils, and are called Powers of the air. I now asked my companion which was my eternal lot? he said, 'between the black & white spiders.'"

Every earring, her clothes and more shall fall.
Behold, son, for it's mystery.
Look, the world is falling with her.

The old man says you're here, you're here, you're here at last,
Like a mouse you sat midst the circle
Surrounded by the thick black smoke.
Always carry the wind, the wind of wings.

"You're here, here... beginneth everything".

09. Lament For This Treacherous World