Skepticism - Ethere lyrics


01. The March And The Stream

Stream brought words
and Stream brought meanings
Through its aether were seen all beings
Beauty revealed as cruelty
Core of grief as death of desire

Stream flow in depth unmatched
Crossed a statue with no hearing
March came colder than invited
Crossed a realm of two endings
Stream to a sea had started turning

02. Aether

Deep in layers unwarm drifting
Lower in depths still descending
On wide billows slowly floating
In colder streams smoothly drifting

Beauty unleashed
Light wind flowing
Heard Silence

A dance to abyss would soon follow
Once another would soon swallow
Darkness as the light most silent
Silence as the darkest of voices

From Silence and anything
To Silence and nothing
Is the path of final solitude

03. Chorale

For ages
After ages

Sails unfilled
Doors unlocked
Barriers far
Guards unseen

For ages
After age