Mouth Of The Architect - Time And Withering lyrics


01. A Vivid Chaos

In time all will fall apart.
This love will die.
Feel the weight, feel the life drain.
These rigid teeth speak openly of the loss, a vivid chaos.
Lord carry my soul.

02. Soil To Stone

Slit wrist life and limb to that which is unknown.
Sunchild breathe light waiting to expire.
Today a grave for a sadness evermore.
Insect sun of lucid skin.
Bury your spine when soil turns to stone.
The masses comatose.
Marching into the storm.
Bereft of all - take my soul.
Lay my weary head to rest.

03. Heart Eaters

Hold your breath and everything will change.
The seed will live.

04. The Worm

The worm within plots its course.
Feeding parasite with woe.
The poison claims its vein.
Making less of the drone.
Aeons above and below cast in fire.
Along the current's spine we row.