Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence lyrics


01. 44 Caliber Brain Surgery

Incarcerated by my fear - Paranoia !
I'm condemned to live a wretched life
Confinement in a sterile world - Isolation !
Disconjunction with society

Boiling my food to exhume the parasites
Diet infection
Water flowing through, filters for distilling
Organisms infesting
Oxygen tanks, a breathing apparatus
Perpetuates vitality

Beleaguered by repulsion of defilement
Functional disorder of the mind
Obsessive aberration of absolute purity
Neurotic compulsion

Accursed affliction
Gnawing lamentation

Deteriorating intellect
Distortion of perception
Self proclamed diagnosis
Drastic resolution
Self prescribe a red hot slug
White knuckle pistol grip
Load the chamber
Hammer cocked
Jam the barrel in my mouth

Need a reprieve from my misery
Unrelenting anxiety !

All I ask is one final plea
.44 caliber brain surgery

Surgery !

Purgatorial euphorium
Banish my affliction
Lead forged entry wound, exempting me from
Melancholic psychosis
Cybernetic annihilation
Finally set me free

Released from my coma, denied death's crushing jaw
Prolonged tortured existence
Informed by physicians, an amateur lobotomy
Deprived of an autopsy

Psychotic abortion
Grey matter negated

Premeditated remedy
Procedure of extremity
Thought I had a master plan
.44 in my hand
Assassination was my goal
Polluted filthy world a loathe
Suicide with no success
Abolished my obsessiveness

Propelled the cure emphatically
Change conviction radically !

Practising without a degree
.44 caliber brain surgery

02. Neanderthal

Progressive evolution
Spawns a hybrid breed
Through natural selection
Neanderthal conceived
Barreled chest and heavy limbed
Bony ridge atop his skull
Beetled brow, immensely strong
Bi-pedal locomotion

Ape man ! Short statured
Slouching dim wit brute
Homo ! Erectus
Modern sub-species

Packing spears and heavy clubs
Stalking giant prey
Neanderthal attacks
A migratory herd
Mammoth charges with malice
Tries to feast upon his death
Armed with a broken ranpike
Impale it's massive chest

Butcher ! With stone tools
Carcass of their prey
Savage ! Intention
Carnivorous feast commence

Intruding hostile cave bear
Slay the vicious beast
Snare a wooly rhino in a
Camouflaged abyss
Massive haul of bones in tow
Retreating to his dank abode
Embossing his icy lair
With a skull and bone complex

Slaughter ! For pleasure
Instinctively possessed
Killing ! The symbol
Of his dominance

Skulls of fallen enemies
Crushed by scathing blows
Mastication of their flesh
Burn the bones for fuel
Human bone, cut, smashed and charred
Neanderthal has left his mark
Severed heads, disjointed limbs
Cannibalic butchery

Emerge ! Cro magnon
A higher form of life
Violent ! Fierce battle
Neanderthal's demise

Neanderthal !

03. Gelid Remains

Searing with the pain of ravaged world
Destined to collide
Struggle ! In vain ! To exist
Knowing you soon will die
Unable to accept, your forthcoming death
Burial a crime
Carbonizing cremation
Consummation horrified

Double insulated stainless tanks
Liquid nitrogen
Housed ! Within ! A concrete vault
Preservation capsule
Biological suspension
Sub-zero bloodless state
Hypodermic containment

Deanimating life
Is your only choice
No hope for cure
Injected ! With ! Cryo-protestants
Perfusing your body
Another frozen corpse awaiting resurrection

Desperate human beings
Mortal guinea pigs
Dreams of cheating death
Exper ! -i ! -menting, freezing
Waiting, thawing
Life extension through neuro preservation

Human souls on ice
Recessisting metabolism
Flesh solidified
Pumped with anti-freeze substitute solution

Minus 320
Sub-zero capsule
Preserving tissue
Sustained by cryostat

Immortality seeking customers
Repressing destiny
Gelid ! remains ! Residing in eternal dormancy
Cryonicists maintain a frigid cannister
Metallic sarcofagi
Animation suspended
Carnage petrified

Deanimating life
Is your only choice
No hope for cure
Injected ! With ! Cryo-protestants
Perfusing your body
Another frozen corpse awaiting resurrection

Desperate human beings
Mortal guinea pigs
Dreams of cheating death
Exper ! -i ! -menting, freezing
Waiting, thawing
Life extension through neuro preservation

04. Crippling Velocity

Squalid conditions, unsanitary
Vermin, infested, dwellings ordinary
Plagued rats, lice and fleas
Cohabitating human race
Subliminal terror spawns
Onslaught of the plague, mass extermination
Mourning, and sickness, disease and prevalent
Invading, bacilli
Eradicating all the world
Hysterical panic builds
High fever, chills and buboes boil
Lymph nodes swell, inflicting blackened pain
Delirium, violent emerods
Blood letting fails to ostracize
Septicemic human bordered death
Black death consumes populace at
Crippling velocity
Chaos reins supreme in plague ravaged cities
Disease was thought to be punishment
Livid spots, black and blue
Retribution smote from God
Ulcerated carbuncles
Pandemic rages on,galloping consumption
Hundreds then thousands of victim perishing
Tolling bell chronicles
Perpetual stream of death
Terminal pestilence
Infected rats die, spitting blood
Certain indication coming death
Corpse carrier drawn from the lower ranks
Those left alive apprehensive thoughts
Engendered in their burning tortured minds
Abhor and shun contact with the sick
Lesions, erupting skin
Mortified closes in
Panoramic Hell
Enthralled upon us with
Crippling velocity

No one left to bear surmounting carnage
To rivers, and pits, places of internment
Infinite carcasses
Superficial burial
Overcrowded sepulcher
Putrefying stench of decaying bodies
Purple black, boundless atrocity
Afflicted children
Perish in abandonment
Immeasurable calamity
"Bring out your dead" dispose of them
Conveyed by the caravan of death
Progressive outbreak of disease
Apocalyptic nemesis
Horrifying drama of the plague
Black death consumes populace at
Crippling velocity

05. Infectious Hospital Waste

Red bag in the tide
Unknown origin
Deadly contents
A floating pile of pestilence
No one suspects
The impending plague
Imposing multitudes
Lethal strain
Swept in by tide
Epidemic coincides
Bulging contagious
Infectious hospital waste
Blood via tidal wave
Lab rats culminate
A festering reservoir
Putrid menstrum
Gushing sea of pain
Corrosive genesis
Serum death
Cultures decompose
Healing implements erode
Coastline reaping
Infectious hospital waste
Low tide, revealing a display so vile
Preys upon the unsuspecting
AIDS, link vials of unknown serum beached
By deliberate acts of dumping
Virus, absorbed by a school of fish
Wields a cuisine of demise
Caustic, wide spread harmful influence
Of microscopic agents

E.P.A. denies
Raging venomous decline
Of the ocean's infestation
Certain death compels
Irritating toxic smells
Beaches wreaking sick intent
Greed, constitutes lies
Pay off complete
Now it's too late
Barge, eludes a mandate
Clinical waste
Caustic shoreline
Scum, cripples a beach
Toxic release
Germ tainted torrent
Hydraulic death

06. Hydrophobia

Outcast wretched mongrel hound
Roaming canine madness
Incisors ripping painful force
Viciously clamps down
Rabid vector, fit of violence
Unprovoked assault
Bloodstained lethal quadruped
Poised for attack
Viral laden infected saliva
Contaminates your wounds
Plundering your neural tract
Genetic genocide
Bearing a trifling insignificant
Mad dog puncture wound
You realize not the tortured Hell
You're about to be put through
Broken skin
Rabid jaws, contaminate, rabies
Viral plague
Infiltrates, spinal cord
Foaming mouth
Boiling spit, fevers rage, rabies
Mania, compulsive, rabid death

Rescinding incubation
Plague ascends to the brain
Torrid fever seething, furnace in your head
Frothy secretions spill and dribble
From your gasping mouth
Voice distorted, phonetics like a human dog
Hydrophobic spasms, deny your greed for water
Your face depicts a mask of terror
Drooling uncontrolled
Interment mental derangement
Exploding from restraints
Bicuspid flailing brute creation
Veracious rabid feast

Your last mortal hours spent
Bound to a post