Agalloch - Pale Folklore lyrics


01. She Painted Fire Across The Skyline

Music & lyrics by John Haughm
Oh dismal mourning...
I open my weary eyes once again
My life has been left hollow
And ashes have filled the gorge of my within

Last night I hoped and wished I'd die in my sleep
But no catharsis was granted to me
Will this pain ever pass?
The enchanting perfumes of winter
And the bleak, cold breath of her still haunts me...

Oportet ubique pulchritudinem evanescere

So half of me rode to the mountains
And the other half soared high in the winds
To a place where the angels had fallen,
The soil gagged and choked on their wings

My soul was the pale skyline
That she stretched across the horizon
Two years had brought the fire
That she paints upon my loathsome canvas

She is the dark one, as a bird I watched her from my cold tower in the heavens
And when she fell from the northplace, I flew down and embraced her

I took her where the snow falls forever, she showed me the haunted woods
We gathered together in the oaken palace, free from both death and life

The fire blazed in her eyes one day and she tore the soul from my chest
With a bleeding heart, I flew back to my cold tower
To never escape and lie in a pool of death forever

I saw the nightfall, it called to me like a river of shadows
It sang to me with the cries of a thousand ravens
That blackened the sky as they took flight and sank the Sol
I shall never trust the sun again, Eridanis Nadir

I ran away far into the woods, to find the Sol, I called to her...
"I don't want to be forgotten... I never wanted to be human"

So alas the sun had descended, her fire burned brilliant in the sky
The trees bore their withered silhouettes, that cast a spell upon unearthly white
No wolf shall keep his secrets, no bird shall dance the skyline
And I am left with nothing but an oath that gleams like a sword
To bathe in the blood of man, to bathe in the blood of man
To bathe in the blood of man, to bathe in the blood of mankind...

She painted fire across the skyline

03. Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony

Music & lyrics by John Haughm
Kiss me coldly and drain this life from my lips
Let the cold blood flow on it's own...
Kiss me coldly and fall away from the soul
Long forgotten...

From which of this oak shall I hang myself?
These ebon halls are always dark...
From which frostbitten bough shall I die?

As dark as the winter, as black as her ghastly veil
As cold as her whisper and chilling gown

No corridors of life and beauty
These enchanted halls are stained with the blood of night
Ebon halls gleam as ghosts of a fire dance wickedly across a pantheon of marble

These weary eyes shall open no more, frozen tightly by the cold embrace of death
A charnel house of memories torn and burning melancholy shall embrace me now

Hear this call...
Beyond endless halls and far across the vast forest, just across the iron gates

As dark as the winter, as black as her grim mask of death
As cold as her sorrow, her ivory tears

No corridors of life and beauty
No bloodred sky, no colors left in this world

It was the light's end

04. Dead Winter Days

Music by John Haughm, Don Anderson, Jason William Walton
Lyrics by John Haughm
There lies a beauty behind forbidden wooden doors
A beauty so rare and pure, it would make human eyes bleed and burn...

...She killed herself in the fall...

I am the unmaker, I bring death to the beautiful dawn
With pillor, cold, and a legion of dying angels...

...I killed myself in the spring...

A grim bough had hung me high
I sank the fires of the Sol
Here, nightfall reigns

I oppose the light, I gather the storms
With a sword I wield with hate
I shot down the sun, with bow and flame
Pillorian for the dead winter

I am the unmaker
The pillorian...the ending
I damn you the dead winters...

05. As Embers Dress The Sky

Music by John Haughm, Don Anderson
Lyrics by John Haughm
The shallow voice of the wind cries between these ebony wings
The shallow cries of the wind sing a swansong for mankind

Shine on morning skyfire
Ablaze this final day
The autumnal end, the dawn of man
The centuries fade below my feet

I soared above them as they worthlessly poured thought from a chalice
As wisdom would flow, twilight would come to pass
Drink, oh hallowed cup of life

Shine on evening skyfire
Paint the sky with the blood of a raven
Bereavement, oh garment of ebony
As embers dress the dusk of man...

06. The Melancholy Spirit

Music & lyrics by John Haughm
It was in this haunted place
Under a moonless cloak of ebony
I was drawn to the glow
Of a young spiritess weeping in the woods

The blackest ravens and ice-veiled boughs
Have spoken of you, goddess of these bleak woods
I yearn for your embrace, spiritess of the melancholia

Show me, again, your sweet face
Enchant me with your rich, cinder burnt ether
Lure me into your arms and bless unto me eternal death

She had spoken to the dawn
Her words wisped in tongues of the wind

And then silence...
Pale clouds betrothed the dawn
Black rain fell
The birds wore masks

The haunting stain of her woe
Had burned itself into the oak
Night had gone
Bereaved, I was torn for her

One last time I witnessed her
Teauty in the distance
The arms of the trees tore at her morbid gown
Swaying in the loathsome winter breeze

She faded before my eyes
Since that day a thousand veiled birds have taken flight
And the melancholy rain
Still pours forever on...