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Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed lyrics


01. Malicious Torment

Lurking in the shadows unseen to mankind
You feel my presence near my eyes staring blind
Malicious tools of torment crave infected blood
Sadistic laughter echoes as I mutilate with lust
Beg for mercy - There's no need
On you blood - I will feed
Penetrate your disfigured cunt
My tools of torment will hunt you down... die

Stalking the misty alleys hatred fills my mind
My blood's pumping faster as a fuckin' whore appears
I cut her abdomen wide open I slit her from ear to ear
And carving out the entrails with morbid insanity

They'll never know the reason why,
Why they had to die
Dismembered pieces on the floor
You've paid your price fuckin' whore... just die

Another slut approaching that cocksucking pig must die
In disgust I swing my axe and split her fuckin' skull
My tools of torment plunge deeper into a lifeless heart
Ripping out the eyeballs reflecting the shape of a reaper

They'll never know the reason why
Why they had to die
Dismembered pieces on the floor
You've paid your price, fuckin' whore
Yearning - Screams of pain in the night
Your body trembling with fright
Feel the embrace of death
As you take your last... breath
Feel my embrace of death
As you take your last... breath

Die you worthless cunt

I'll baptize you in torment
I'll baptize you in blood
I'll slash you beyond recognition
As my bloodlust is proceeding endlessly

Malicious torment

02. Sodom's Fall

Eternal sins released in Sodom
Desecrating the force of god
Worshippers of unholy gods
Sacrifices of infants blood
Piss on the holy words
And deny the laws of God
Jehova - You bastard

1,000 days of perversions
1,000 nights of incestions
1,000 days of blasphemy
1,000 nights of sodomy

Blackest blood filled with hate
Scorn upon the Christian faith
Stone by Stone goes straight to hell
The end is here chime the bell

God's wrath was unleashed in the heart of Sodom
They suffered all the agonies of the damned
Now they regret their sins and desires
All the sinners now burn in the hellish fire

This was Sodom's fall
Hear the demons call
The history won't tell
How they burn in hell

03. Night Of Damnation

Utmost agony and hate want to end my worthless life
I summon the spirits from hell, darkness urges for my soul
I slit my throat and watch the blood cover the moisty
My soul starts the journey to become one with evil

I saw weeping angels fall from the sky to burn for eternity
The glorious fire eternal cleanse their putrefying souls
With delight in my eyes, I saw them rise to hail
My lord from hell
Their hearts turned to black, black as
This night of damnation

Superior powers - Raged within
Bring forth - My infant supreme
Cursed realm - Oh, mighty abyss
Untamed reign - Blood Sacrifice
Drink the blood

In the halls of obscurity
Ceremony for sacrificial rites
Raising my dagger to fulfill his
Needs, stabbing with morbid lust
In ecstasy I drink the blood and
Smear the entrails of the infant
I have prevailed, I'm a servant to
The lord of lies, mortal cries

This is the night of damnation

04. Servants Of The Moonlight

Twilight - Sombre eyes gave through the mist
Darkness - Vicious glance lurks in the shadows
So divine - Enchanted by the light with power intense
Howlings - Gather my legions of the night

Hunger - With furious rage they search for pray
Foaming - Sharp edged fangs cutting into throats
Pools of blood - Cover the ground with bowels and flesh
Expire - Another life will soon fade away

Twilight - Darkness
Divine - Howlings
Hunger - Foaming
Blood - Expire

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Servants of the moonlight

Dominion - Once again the hunger grow
Hunting - the only marks is paws in the snow
Starvation - Gorgeous legions run with the moon
Devote them or die, you'll hear them soon

Servants of the moonlight...

05. Cemetery Of Life

Deep into the forest upon blackened hill
Across the cemetery where no one dares go by
Beyond the deadly barrier the path continues still
One step can be your last think clear or you'll die
Yellow eyes glow in the dark evil has you in sight
Beware of the swampits it's the path to the unknown
Deep down the demons heart...

Cemetery of life

Buried in darkness, unholy ground
Rise the night without a sound
Cemetery of life
Rotten outside, twisted inside
Obsessed bodies that never really died

Occult Indian magic ruled centuries ago
Rituals took place to bring re-animation
Dance around the fireplace chant unholy words
Hail Manitou bring the dead to life
Sacrifice to the evil one to satisfy its need
Sacred souls will die tonight let the serpent bleed
Drink the venomous blood...

Cemetery of life

Rise from the crypts of darkness
Rise from the crypts of the undead

The mighty force is now fulfilled as the ritual is complete
The moon is full and bright now the dead will see the light
Rising from their tombs of death they are the living dead
The force grant them eternal life to do its evil deeds
Hatred burns in their eyes you can not run or hide
You realize it's not a dream when hands rip of your flesh
In the forest depths the heart of death shadows moves and twist
They marching out in the world in cover of the mist

Cemetery of life...

06. Son Of The Dragon

Emperor of Valakia anno 1442
They called him Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracul
Invented awful forms of torture, master of impalement
His cruelty was legendary, he's reserved a place in hell
Overthrew his enemies, captured them in cages
One by one they met their fate in the boiling oil

Crushed them to shreds under wheels of torture
Skin them alive while staring at their entrails
Put a stake through the mothers breast and throwing up the infants
Nailed through the arses and out of their mouths

Burn the villages to ashes, impaling everyone
Outside his castle the forest of the dead
Roast them over burning coal screams of pain fill the air
Feast upon his victims well tasting body parts

Chopped up in pieces this bloodbath will never end
As his passion increases
The slaughter will never end
Disrespect for humans lives
Decapitated bodies left to rot on the ground
Son of the dragon
Dark medieval emperor

Disrespect for human life
Decapitated bodies left to rot on the ground
Son of the dragon
Dark medieval emperor
Lord of impalement
Superior power of Transylvania
Son of the dragon
Malicious reign of
Transylvania, Carptia

Women and children crucified
Nailed to the stakes they all
Will die
Showing no mercy to anyone
Senseless slaughter 'til
His battles is won

Son of the dragon

Oh mighty emperor, Lord of impalement
You're the mighty ruler of Transylvania
Over Carpatia

07. No Holy Ghost Shall Rise

Almighty powers has been unleashed upon this earth
The sun no longer shine, darkness embraces the world
Pure instant evil that knows no bounds
All angels sentenced to extinction, the new era has begun

Put your faith upon the holy cross
You shall be perished by the force of Armageddon

Once betrayed by the light, now seeking for his vengeance
(Now hear his command)
Behead the Nazarene, no holy ghost shall rise
Unleash the hordes of hell, crucify the priest of lies
Summon the hounds of darkness, let them stalk this
Infected world

Burst out in hatred, slay the lambs of God
Rape the Harlot nuns
Burn them at the stake, decapitate them all
Tear out their hearts

Curse the Ten Commandments, despise the holy law
Crush the pearly gate, enslaving all the weak

Hold his banner high, desolate the sacred church
Invert the holy cross
When heaven forever burns, the victory is ours
The victory is ours

Put your faith upon the holy cross
You shall be perished by the force of Armageddon

08. The Sufferer

There I was, nailed to the stake, screaming
The stench of burning flesh filled the air
I spread my wings to reach for the sky
For salvation, a warlock is disguise

I'll meet my fate, above the stars I'll dwell
I'll meet my fate, the utter universal hell

Fly through dark horizons
Desperately searching for the light
A passage approaches before me
I'm trembling with right

I've entered the passage of pain
Where souls cry out in vain
The light of salvation seek
No hope for redemption I see

Wrapped around in darkness and suffocating clouds
Benighted creatures chanting, trial of the damned
Predict the book of life, unforgivable sins on earth
In despair I faced my sentence, the gauntlet of pain

Emerging beasts, I flee towards the saving light
Jaws of venomous fangs cutting deep into my soul
Winged assassins charging with claws of sharpest steel
Rip my flesh to shreds, to the superior one I kneel

Everlasting torment - Neverending pain
Everlasting torment - Neverending... pain

Fettered by spells of fire, cosmic spirits desire
Uncanned torture awaits me, as the flames reaches higher
I'll meet my fate... in hell

I've entered the passage of pain
Where souls cry out in vain
The light of salvation I seek
No hope for redemption I see

Dragged through eternal fire and walls of poisoned thorns
Sadistic ghouls of Hades longing for my soul
Screaming, pleading, I'm skinned alive
Burning, screaming, I'm consumed by fire
They rip my soul to shreds, can't endure no more
Prepare the fest, Oh Noooooo!

There I was lying on the altar of pain
And as the last piece of my flesh was swallowed by the demons
I realized that I was the sufferer, and that I have finally paid
For my malicious deeds