King's X - Out Of The Silent Planet lyrics


01. In The New Age

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
Humanity Is Looking For Itself
The Ancient Wisdom Taken From The Shelf
A Light So Dark A Heaven That Is Hell
In The New Age
Could It Already Be
In The New Age
Through The Haze I Can See
In The New Age
Could It Happen To Me
In The New Age
The Trap Is Open No One Even Cares
The Well-Disguised One Hidden In Their Stares
Disguise Your Lying Words With Love
Depending On The Good Of Man
The Truth The Symbol Of A Dove
Will Unmask The Maker Of Your Plans
In The New Age
I See The Blind Lead The Blind
In The New Age
In The Search For The Mind
In The New Age
But I Know What They'll Find

02. Goldilox

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
I can't believe summer's almost here
I made it through another year even if alone
but there's no tears in my eyes
life is still full of surprise
I'm not looking for a one night stand
I stand behind you and I watch you from a mile away
wishing you could be the one but not here this way
I'd like to know your name
and I must know who you are Yeah
I look at you and I know who you are
you're just a little bit too far from my home
but please don't get me wrong even though it has been long
I hope I never sing my last song without someone

03. Power Of Love

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
Trapped Inside These Walls Surround Me
Closing In It's Hard To Breathe
It's Okay I Hear The Shouting
What Is Left The Will To Be
The Power
Power Of Love
Takes Me Takes Me From Here
Oh The Power Of Love
On My Hand I Have No Scars
But In My Heart's A Weary Beat
If You Go
I Will Follow
Where You Are
I Will Be

04. Wonder

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
This Is War
This Is Peace
Quiet Roars
Of Silent Screams
It Makes Me Think
It Makes Me Deal
With The Situation
How Do I Feel?
There's A Wall Between Us
A Partition Of Sorts
And It Makes Me Wonder
There's A Sign Ahead
Says It's Gonna Be Okay
And It Makes Me Wonder
Should I Go To The Front?
Or Should I Go To The Back?
Should I Just Pray?
Or Should I Attack?
This Is Church
This Is State
Amazing Grace
It Makes Me Think
It Makes Me Deal
With The Situation
How Do I Feel?

05. Sometimes

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
Sometimes I Sink
Sometimes I Climb
It All Fits In
It's All In Time
I Stand Here Crying
The World Is Laughing
I Stand Surrounded Yet I See The Lies
I Stand Here Waiting For New Jerusalem
I Know It's Greater Than The World Outside
Sometimes I Shout
Sometimes I Hide
It All Begins
It's All In Line

06. King

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
You Are The One Who Causes Me Pain
You Are The One Who Causes Me Grief
You Are The One Who Lied To Me
It Won't Be Long Soon You Will See
King Is Coming...
You Are The One Who Magnifies Hate
You Are The One Who Distorts Our Love
You Are The One Disguised As A Saint
It Won't Be Long Your Kingdom Will Quake

07. What Is This?

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
Oh Lord It Gets So Complicated
Oh Lord I Don't Know What To Do
God! It Looks So Hopeless
But I Know It Isn't True
What Is This That Gives Me Hope In The Middle Of The Night And Makes Me Turn To You
What Is This That Lights My Way Through The Hours Of The Day
Tell Me What To Do
Oh Lord They Say That I Don't Know You
Oh Lord They Say I Am Deceived
God! It Looks So Hopeless But I Know Is Isn't True

08. Far, Far Away

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
Inside It's Lonely
I Drive My Car
Pass By The Signs That Speak Our Past
Always Remind Me
Can't Block It Out
The Story We All Knew Would Last
She Was Lost Yesterday
Far Far Away
Familiar Faces
Annually Haunt Me
The Cold Brings Seasons Of The Heart
Always Reminded
Can't Block It Out
No One Could See It From The Start
She Was Lost Yesterday
Far Far Away

09. Shot Of Love

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
See The Bread See The Wine
See The Graft Into The Vine
This Is What Is To Be
It Always Made Sense To Me
Send Us A Shot Of Love
Across The Mountain To The Sea
From The Poles Of North And South
Wherever We May Be
Sometimes My Cup Is Empty
My Wish That It Stay Full
Cause I Am Always Thirsty
I Can't Get Enough Of You
There Is Nowhere Else To Go
There Is Nothing Else To Do
There Is Nowhere Else To Turn
The First And Last Is You
Oh I Hear The Music
Oh I Need A Brand New Song

10. Visions

Lyrics by Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill/Marty Warren
The Lunatic Says Goodbye To Those Who Say They Love Him
He's Wise Within Himself Though This Craziness Surrounds Him
From His Lips Come Truth Within Insanity
And People Passing By Don't Hear And Cannot See
Cursing The Darkness
Visions Inside His Head Look Like Mine
Oh Just Like Mine
His Words So True Oh They're Used Against Him
Oh His Children Smile Because They Know He Loves Them
Cursing The Darkness
Look Back On Innocence In Vain
Look Ahead It's Still The Same Old Game