UFO - Mechanix lyrics


01. The Writer

Lyrics by Paul Chapman, Phil Mogg, Neil Carter
I'm the writer got a front page cover
Hot gossip 'bout who's with their latest lover
I write all chapters by the second scene
I call the shots, don't need a Fleet Street team

I am a writer and I'm the news
You cross me you know you're gonna lose

I'll do the story if you're dead or alive
If seconds out or if you're gonna take a dive
Slip out the news or a piece of scandal
Don't toe the line, 'cause nothing's too hot to handle

I am the writer and I'm the news
If you cross me you know you're gonna lose
Yeah you're gonna lose


I am a writer and I am the news
If you cross me you know you're gonna lose

And where you are it's because of me
'Cause overnight you know it don't come free
I'll put you up there or I'll bring you down
'Cause nothing moves without me in this town

I am a writer and I am the news
If you cross me you know you're gonna lose

Boy you're gonna lose
I said you're gonna lose
I write the news
I am the news
Got to, got to lose
Oh yeah you're gonna lose
So don't step on my blue suede shoes...

02. Somethin' Else

Lyrics by Eddie Cochran, Sharon Sheeley
Look there! Here she comes
Here comes that girl again
Wanted to date her since I don't know when
She don't notice me when I pass
She goes with all the guys out of my class
That ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
She's sure fine looking she's something else

Look there, cross the street
There's a car made just for me
To own that car would be a luxury
Right now I can't afford the gas
Brand new convertible's out of my class
That ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
That car's fine looking and she's something else


Well look here wait and see
Work hard and save my dough
I bought a car at the motor show
Me and that girl we go round and round
Look real sharp with the flat top down
Keep dreaming and thinking to myself
If it comes all true she's something else

Look here what's all this
Never gone through this before
Here I am knocking on the door
Car's out front, it's all mine
It's a '49 job not a '59
I got the girl and I'm thinking to myself
She's sure fine looking she's something else

03. Back Into My Life

Lyrics by Gary Lyons, Pete Way, Mogg
It's another night out on the avenue
Looking for something, something that you knew
And you're wondering where she is
Now there's now there's no more rendezvous

(1)You're left out here on this cold stark street
With the sound of lovers as they tango and meet
Their sweet surrender with a promise and a kiss
Where's that girl, the one you miss

Those ooh la la la girls in their skirts they go rushing by
They look around and give you that come on
With their dreamy dreamy eyes

Then you never stop to count your mistakes
That one blind moment with no give and take
Is lost in every stranger's face you see
If there's a loser that loser's me

(2) Please put a little love back into my life
Won't you please put a little love back into my life

Every night's another night you keep looking back
Trying to fill the spaces
Hours and the minutes and the missing gaps
(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat


Every shadow's like a ghost that comes and haunts you
Angel of the night plays her tricks today it's true
With every step, every step you see her slip away
Not just today

It's another night out on the avenue
Looking for something, something that you knew

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat and fade

04. You'll Get Love

Lyrics by Carter, Chapman, Mogg
I heard you tiptoe in last night
Cross the porch stars were bright
Past my room and into yours
Sliding locks and chaining doors

(1) You'll get love
My kind of love
(You'll get love) / (I'll give you love)
The love you give to me (yeah)

I see the men that come and go
Through a hole that doesn't show
Every day we pass in the hall
I'm like a picture on the wall

(1) Repeat


I hear your giggles and little sighs
Close my eyes and fantasize
But as you're sleeping a room away
In the dark you hear the jackal play

(1) Repeat

05. Doing It All For You

Lyrics by Way, Chapman, Carter, Mogg
Lights turn red to green
I haven't been spotted I seen
Four more blocks and I'm safe
Make it clean without a chase

There's something special, certain feeling
I can't blow this one for sure
I've been nervous, anxious and edgy
This one's the last one there'll be no more
What I've got to do tonight
Take the car and meet the man downtown
It's easy darling, working away
Before the word's got around

(1) And I'll do it all for you, oh yes I will
This time I'm coming through, oh yeah

I said I'm burning, I been rolling
This car's turned up to make it fly
Don't worry darling just get ready
Tonight we're gonna be going out in style
If anyone comes calling around
Don't answer 'cause you're my alibi
So just trust me, kiss me and love me
Chasing the golden mile

(1) Repeat


(1) Repeat

06. We Belong To The Night

Lyrics by Way, Carter, Mogg
Ruby darling's got a crazy walk
The boys love her with that dirty, dirty talk
Singles bar with the broken light
Easy touch, a lady of the night

(1) Ruby darling I need you
Cross my heart and promise to be true

(2) And you tell me that you can't change
Your life's been set, prearranged
Hold on tight 'til the morning light
"cause we belong to the night

Well-known face in every door
Street kids come and try to make a score
Patrol car stopped talk for a while
But they let you go with a warning and a smile

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat


(2) Repeat

Life goes on down the streets
Contacts made where the gay boys come to meet
Keep saying it's your last night
Give up this life for me without a fight

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice

07. Let It Rain

Lyrics by Way, Carter, Mogg
Two lovers in a desperate game
She holds him close but their love's in vain
And the married man that you laid
Goes back home to his own charade

She puts her faith in every word he said
Tender moments in a motel bed
When you press the point he says we'll see
But then walks to his mystery

(1) So darling you tell me it's a wild world
You gotta take a little pain and
How long will love last that you can
Never, never explain

(2) Do you just
Let it rain, let it rain
Don't stop those tears falling again just
Let it rain, let it rain
Now you see that love's just a game

In his arms time goes so fast
But stolen love will never last
You try to keep him though you know it's wrong
This kind of love can only last so long

[short instrumental]

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat & fade

08. Terri

Lyrics by Chapman, Mogg
Terri everytime we talk we just disagree
Every chance we had is passing by
The simple things you say all drift away into the night
So don't let me know what I can't see

(1) Terri is it over again
Lost in love
Everybody laughing at me
With eyes like a child
You smile when you hit the tide
Holding me captive
For the world to see

Every now and then I'd see that wild look in your eyes
It's in all the long shots that we tried
We used to hold on tight, run for the night
How far we'd go we couldn't see

(1) Repeat

Every day goes by we get further and further away
Conversations end with nothing much to say
Maybe we've made a mistake it's too late we'll never know
We can't change it girl 'cause I just have to go


(1) Repeat

On these lonely nights I reach out for your love
This empty room feels cold and bare
Then I'll try the phone and swallow my pride
It's no good we've tried and tried

(1) Repeat

09. Feel It

Lyrics by Way, Mogg
I hear the jukebox on its full playback
Her high-heeled shoes go clickity-clack
Sweet, sweet Suzy dress way low
Does a dance just to let you know

(1) You wanna feel it, feel it
Breaks your heart if you don't leave her alone
Feel it, feel it
It's one quick walk out in the danger zone

(2) Oooh, it's a love that makes you burn
Oooh, well a promise that you can see
Ooh every head she can she turns
Ooh (well that's love) (when you get that love to keep)

The boys' in Danny's bar and Grill
Swapping stories on the old cheap thrill
But you pick up the air as she walks in
She'll never talk much or try it again

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat

Every night she makes you dream a little more
With a smile that opens every door
In her eyes you'll see the promises
One kiss tells everything


(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat

Some girls you live with and some you need
This one's the girl that's gonna make you bleed
See her strut she moves from head to toe
What you ain't got she'll never know


(2)Repeat and fade

10. Dreaming

Lyrics by Carter, Mogg
Kids are cruising on the old shoreline
Goodbye-girls killing time
Feel like soldiers we couldn't wait
Running wild, rushing to our fate

(1) We kept dreaming
Kids are dreaming

Sleeping rough out on Brighton's beach
A step from the law just out of reach

(2) We kept dreaming,
Dreaming me and you

(3) Got a plan we couldn't blow
Nobody cares, nobody knows
Made a stand and played a show
Nobody cares, nobody knows

Hiding in the wrecks of burned out cars
Found a compass on the promenade
Gangs assemble in the old arcade
By looking cool we thought we had it made

(1) Repeat

We ran wildly against the tide
Nothing much just our teenage pride

(2) Repeat

(3) Repeat


Down the alleys to the old stage door
They heard the band coming through the floor
Eric Burdon and the Animals played
In our minds the impression's made

(2) Repeat
(3) Repeat and fade mixing (2) and (3)

11. Heel Of A Stranger

Lyrics by Way, Chapman, Carter, Mogg
I was 17 and I thought you were one in a million
I never dreamed anyone (would) ever take you away
And at 21 tied the knot with a holy union
But I never thought I'd live to regret that day

* You put a scar on my heart I can't cover up and hide
I'm on the ropes in the corner with no fighter left inside
** Under the heel of a stranger he holds you captive by his charms
I saw the signs but not the danger now he's the hero in your arms

Every night you go out tell me its with a friend
You come back late know you've seen him again
And at 29 I realize the dreaming has to end
Although I've lost your love still the ghost remains

* Repeat
** Repeat
Oh yeah,