UFO - Misdemeanor lyrics


01. This Time

Lyrics by Gray, Mogg
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe next week
Oh baby the future looks bleak
I can't believe what's been goin' on
You're never there
You're always gone
A little faith goin' a long way
Always thought that you would stay
[???] Diggin' for gold
Movin' on, I'm out in the cold

(1) No no baby, I believed in you
No no baby, it's not true
No no baby, I believed in you
Don't put my heart on the line

(2) This time, let it be me
I'll be the one that you can see
This time I'll be your man
I'm right here baby, here in your hand

Situation is the classic kind
Caught in this trap, oh love is blind
Friends keep saying that you're bad news
I keep saying how could you choose
[???] one more time
Just to believe you are mine
At the point of no return
A fool in love, when will I learn

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice

There's no sign that this love of ours
Will go on and on
I took a long look at love
From the point of view there's an Angel above..


(2) Repeat

There's no sign that this love of ours will go on and on

(2) Repeat and fade

02. One Heart

Lyrics by Gray, Mogg, Tommy McClendon
The elevator it goes right to the 21st floor
She's steppin' out and she walks right through the president's door
In this world you know you're just a fool to take
He'll give you something adds up to nothing
It's your heart that breaks

(1) One heart stands alone
Stripped right down to the bone
One heart easy to break
/How much more can you take/Tell me now that this is just a mistake/

He sits up there like a king oh in the company chair
He'll cast you right but you know it's just so unfair
So you're one more number now in his telephone book
It shows nothing you've got something from the pleasure he took

(1) Repeat twice

So you think you're found it, your one big break, got what it takes
And you're tough enough to spot all those fakes, your first mistake
But you've got something that survives
A burnin' heart stays alive
And now I wish you could do with me
Oh baby you just couldn't see


He'll give you your something, adds up to nothing, and your heart breaks

(1) Repeat three times then start fading

03. Night Run

Lyrics by Gray, Mogg, Tommy McClendon
Love me tender, love me true
Oooh baby what a song could do
We were sharp like needles in the dark, no question mark
My friend Billy was one of a kind
Growin' up and runnin' wild
We could take a sunset and make it real
We stood together on the edge of a knife
[Fools?] to be friends, brothers for life

(1) And we have seen the night run, it's a thousand miles away
Yes we have seen the night run, it passed us by in just one day

Used to say well it's me and you
Oooh we could make dreams come true
And we put some magic in this night, oh feels so right
Came across your photograph
Everything was just a laugh
Where do you go when you reach the end
Into the night we would explode
With hand on my heart, rules of the road

(1) Repeat twice


Big city lights they fade then they go
[Along with your sense of humor, no..]
Some people give up and lose the fight
We could prove it night after night after...

(1) Repeat three times then start fading out

04. The Only Ones

Lyrics by Gray, Mogg
Can you feel me, I'm so close I'm sure
Anytime if you would call be right to your door
Is it over, lost this time for good
I never knew that I could be so misunderstood

(1) We are the only ones, left alone with this heart of stone
We are the only ones with nothin' left but fools alone

Life's so empty, there's nothin' left for me
Oh I wish you were back, baby you and me
Last September, it's like yesterday
You slipped through my hands, there's nothing more to say

(1) Repeat

I can feel the magic in your heart tonight
I thought we had something oh so right
Baby tell me do you still care
'Cause this ain't no game of kiss and dare


(1) Repeat twice then go into the instrumental fade out

05. Meanstreets

Lyrics by McClendon, Mogg
There's a heartbeat in the city
Caught in the rush there's no pity
On the edge of day
Late night traffic, late to go home
I'm slippin out into the twilight zone
I'm on the edge of day

(1) In a stolen moment two lovers meet
Whisperin' promises they can't keep
Across the bar jukebox plays
Out in the night they steal away

(2) Out on the meanstreets, feel my heartbeat
Each and every step I take
Out on the meanstreets, feel my heartbeat
It's in every move I make

With all the heat now, and all the stories
Heroes wrestle for the chance of glory
On the edge of day
Midnight cowboys make the sweep
There's nothing sacred on the street
We're on the edge again

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat

When the lights go down you know life comes easy
It's easy baby
In the wild West End you can find
A friend tonight,
Oh tonight
Got to keep this heart. inspired


(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice then the instruments wrap it up

06. Name Of Love

Lyrics by McClendon, Mogg
Living in a one-room
If I don't fall in love soon
Hangin' on the telephone
If I don't get your call soon

(1) Every night I spend alone
I've never been so low
And this room is closing in
If I die, who will know

(2) In the name of love
Is there someone left for me
In the name of love
Set this heart free

Dreaming of a playmate
If I don't fall in love soon
Strangers on a dark night
But it's all over too soon

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice


(2) Repeat twice

07. Blue

Lyrics by Gray, Mogg
It's another night stuck in here, with the TV on
As John Wayne holds the Alamo, I'm wonderin' where you've gone
I just sit and wait, hope it's not too late
Say there's something left to prove it to you

Outside this house nothing's changed
Our street looks just the same
The things you left I'll keep that way
Till we're together again
When I just start to slip, yes Il lose my grip
I can't believe you're gone, it's really true

(1) Blue, blue, oh baby where are you
Blue, blue, tell me know, it's not true

There's nothing romantic in a tear-drawn goodbye
Oh baby say it's a lie
Panic sets in, I'm an irrational man
If I can't have you nobody can

(1) Repeat

Last night, I heard you talkin
Oh so close, whispering in my ear
All night, till the morning
I kept wishing I could feel you near
When we stood naked at the 4th of July
Moon shot took off, lit up the sky
The Red Sea was parting for the second time
The world at my feet, you were mine, it was..


Lovin' you was so easy baby
Holdin' on when our luck was down
Sweetest thing that I ever, ever heard
Was "I'll always, always be around"

Blue, blue, oh baby, where are you
Blue, blue, gettin' desperate, desperate for you

08. Dream The Dream

Lyrics by Paul Raymond, Mogg
Mama they say the snow this winter
Beat you to the ground
But I'm a long time gone, long time gone
Wish I could see the blazin' sunset
Falling right into the bay
But I'm a long time gone, long time gone

(1) To dream the dream that's over
To live and love again
Oh my America
And to be where my footsteps lead me over
To be born again tonight

I want to be there on our back porch
Looking on down the road
But I"m a long time gone, long time gone
The troubles here, they pass me by
I want to get home to you
But I'm a long time gone, long time gone

(1) Repeat

Lonely days, lonely nights
Caught up in someone else's fight
I'm holdin' on, and you're so strong
All I want to be is just holdin' you tonight


(1) Repeat

(1) Repeat and fade out

09. Heaven's Gate

Lyrics by McClendon, Mogg
As midnight draws its steely shades
And the Boystown girls go on parade
My tatoo she's a kiss away
In the Creole town it's another day
Tears of rage and tears of pain
We're two lovers called 'em different ways
No redemption no remorse
But this love drives a deadly course

(1) I can't wait for you
Heaven's gate won't wait
I can't wait for you
'Cause heaven's gate won't wait

So hold me close, don't let go
With one last kiss, we'll never know
What should have, could have, might have been
We're just chasin' one more dream
I can hear the Mardi Gras
From my hotel window it seems to far
As daylight creeps through the shades
I can see the price we paid

(1) Repeat


(1) Repeat twice

10. Wreckless

Lyrics by McClendon, Mogg
So this is it, have we come to the end
No more fun, oh my friend
But I'll take my chances now
Lettin' loose again

Wreckless weekends, weekends
Led by my heart, not my head
Tearing this whole world apart

I found something no one steals
It's love of life, it's so real
And I know it's hard for you
But here I go again

Wreckless weekends, weekends
Led by my heart, not my head
Tearing this whole world apart
Bringing me down when it starts

And if it's a lifetime term
Babe I guess I'll never learn
Got to make a stand right here tonight

Got the fever right to my feet
Kicking my heels and I'm coming on heat,
Tonight's the night we make it real
Oh baby, it's a steal
(1) It's no good tomorrow, it's too far away
I'm keeping my hand in, you gotta stay
There's no time for makeup, just put on your shoes
You know we've got nothing to lose

(2) Wreckless, born for a wild weekend
Wreckless, pushing it 'til the end

I'm tired of Houston, it sticks in my throat
I'm gonna swim , not gonna float
So break these chains and let me loose
'Cuz if I can't win, I'm gonna choose

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat

(2) And I can't stand one more lonely night
Without a love that's got no fight
Oh baby , let me know
C'mon sugar, let it show
One more time, we will know
I gotta keep you, can't let you go


(3) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice then let the instruments take it on home!