Phideaux - Number Seven lyrics


02. Waiting For The Axe To Fall

Waiting for the axe to fall
You might stumble you might crawl
Don't go any faster, it catches up to you
It will pull you down
Because of what you know
It's true

You might be the sum of all
Scratching through the firewall
Don't go any further stranded out alone
I pray for you now
Be careful on your own

Waiting for the ice to thaw
This collapse awaits us all
Don't come any closer
It's what you're meant to do
Follow me out
We might just make it through

03. Hive Mind

I was beside you at night on the lines
You in a session that shattered the mind
Something exploding into your field
Some type of omen to you was revealed

You and I were talking as if we were alive
You were expected to contact the hive
something beyond was preparing the siege
Wait for the answers we already believe

04. The Claws Of A Crayfish

Wear away your heart - tear it apart
Deep inside your head - broken in shreds
Back behind your eyes - emptiness lies

The claws of a crayfish, it's true
Pose little threat to a shrew
But we're lost in a blizzard of sound
In hard armoured words we are drowned

Hard armoured words we were clucking
Like birds having heard but deferred
Until the worst had occurred

You and I were talking, at least I tried
You and I were walking but you seemed to slide
Something was pulling you out of my life
Something was waiting inciting you to hide
Are you free?

05. My Sleeping Slave

I leave you on the way, I have to go
You have to stay. And so I walk away
I did not want it this way.
But he who understands must makes his plans
And stand alone when faced with all the proof
The living truth, how else to go?
Inside what do you find, will it be pain?
Will it be cold shame?
But know: There is a day, there is a way
You can come home. So on and on I stay
I'll try to hold on for that day.

Be still my sleeping slave
It's time to wake up from the grave

06. Darkness At Noon

I am standing by the wire
Where there's nothing seen for miles
Oh, hold me back against the rain
Oh no, feel my feet again

On a train of human cargo
I was standing in the crush
The rush to feel the air against my skin
Might never feel that again

On the train that brought me here
I was separated from you
They can drag my body broken
But that's all that they can do

No I won't
Feel the weight of the stone
I won't wait
Until the ground is my home

07. Prequiem

I have no fear
I have no fear
I have no fear anymore

08. Gift Of The Flame

By the ivory coast sits a man
In a most angry pose
He's wasting away
As the buzzards peck little holes
There's a boy by a pool
Who simply can't move but to drool
Staring ever in to a silly grin
Trapped beside the pool

And across the way
There's a man who can't wait
His stomach growls and he salivates
Never to be satisfied, nor to die

Hour by hour I wait for my flower to bloom
It's a hideous black mushroom
Odious spore of doom
And I crouch by the glass
In the underpass of the moon
Wondering what's in store
Beyond my bolted door

And across the hall
There's a man who just waits
He's sick to death and he gives in to Fate
Never does he try not to die

By the ivory coast sits the suet man
Still in chains as day by day
The buzzard birds bite bits away
And he sacrificed himself
Stealing fire that we could tame

09. Interview With A Dormouse

Dormouse, dormouse
Have you any cheese
Or did it melt in the thermonuclear breeze?

11. The Search For Terrestrial Life

A long time ago I was inspired
And now I wonder has it all expired?
Past redeeming, numb to feeling
Where is any shred of meaning?
I don't know why
Now it seems like something's missing
Years flow the story goes
Narration brings the image closer
I know, I'm repeating all the same mistakes

I am the arm that's bleeding
I am the storm that's forming
I am the rope that's coiling
Reaching for the waiting hand
So here I am calling calling calling
For a face in the crowd to shepherd me out
Lead me down the road

I was praying
Someone would find my hideaway
Yes it's a long climb through rocky crags
To my jagged brain
Days of waiting waiting waiting
For a sliver of sound, cascade and rebound
Bring me down

I see victory
Right in your grasp if you want it to be
Always it was lurking
Never very far for your heart to see
This day it is your day, breaking like a wave
In the waters free, taking control
If you'd only agree, coming very close
It's coming, are you ready?

One day the story will unwind
You will move past and leave the rest behind
Now it's retreating
It is clearing from your mind Though you can still feel it pulling
You're aligned, there's no returning
You are on the way down and down
Reach the ground

Icy wastes recede, permafrost gone
Spring intervenes. Always it was waiting
Flung like a leaf down to nourish the tree
Far underground where the roots are deep
Always around, and watching watching me

12. A Fistful Of Fortitude

I can still feel
I can still feel the thrill
I can still feel the thrill inside
Deep down inside, down inside

14. Storia Senti

Storia senti
Mi nate che hai sentito
Non nascondere, il tempo arrivato loso
L'storia mente
Pavorito, senza luce a morto
Sta n'quel mentre, ami lado, sembra vivo
Manacia la vita, dove io andaro

Listen to the story
I have a feeling you already know it
Don't turn away, I know the time has arrived
The story is a lie
Scared to death with no light it died
But right now, next to me, it looks alive
This cursed life, where can I go?

15. Infinite Supply

The stars in the sky were lonely tonight
And so we lit a fire in solidarity
The rain it falls the wind will call
All things that bring prosperity
Take care, take heed, take everything you need
This always will be your sanctuary
Hey it's me, I'm looking but I don't see
Please just explain, what am I missing?
You know I try, I keep looking, I don't know why
All I need is right before my eyes

Oh the size
I believe it now, it's immense and wild
All this time, lost in the scale of my tiny mind
Small and alone, blind and confined
If I could see the night
Miles out in space the chemicals ignite
everything moves, expands and collides
But I never knew the universe was wide

The stars will feed forever, as decreed
Blow dust and seed ever on their way
I can feel the sky
All of the world covered in life
Breeze through the wind with all it provides
Showering down it's the infinite supply

16. Dormouse - An End

Dormouse, dormouse: Are you far away?
Just a word that you're okay
Dormouse, dormouse: How are you today?
You're alive and you escaped
Dormouse, dormouse: What have you seen?
You've been to London or what used to be
Dormouse, is it really not there?
The taste of sulfur in the acrid air
From a world laid bare
Dormouse, dormouse:
Have you lost your faith?
See Jesus' face in the nuclear waste