Opera IX - Sacro Culto lyrics


01. The Oak

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
In the whirls of time
Turning their eyes
Toward the shadowy monumental
Symbols of the past
Following the lines up to the places
Where power and mystery reign
Some people raised many stones to the sun
In their imposing silence
A warm wind is blowing in my face
Melting the ice of death
Burnt alive victims around the cromlech
In honor of my immortality
Crucified on The Oak
My blood is trickling down it
No light in this church made of trees
Some men in white are chanting their song
To the altar of Cernunnos
Crucified on The Oak
Oh you, God of Moon
Sanctify this magis ritual
In my heart there's the power of glory
In my eyes the shine of the sword
Oh you, God of Death, rescue me from this fear
I will be your messenger
Rescue me from this light
Oh Mother Darkness, receive the son of cruelty and wisdom
Crucified on The Oak, in honor of Esus.
The earth is imbued with the blood of my God's enemies
And from flames a battle-cry is madly risen.
Far away the death-song is going on with the crossing of the swords
The fog is hiding our temples made of stones
And the Gods are silently waiting for the event
The bloody encounter between our Pagan Devotion and the only god
Ruins around The Oak
Corpses in oblivion
Sealed up by the light of reason
Oh, cursed mortals, which is the right way?

02. Fronds Of The Ancient Walnut

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
Feel the breeze on my face
The icy breath of the Goddess
I raise my hand and touch the illusion
My mind is powerful and my Ego is high
As the mountain in front of me
Clouds run fast and silence comes
From the Fronds of the Ancient Walnut
No scents, no odors, no sounds, no laments
The cold vanishes
I get all the colors all around me
And I see the enchanting dance of the branches
It is the Walnut calling the witches
It is our dream voyaging through the aethyr
What was not becomes reality
I am the deer running to the Sabbath
I am the crow which observes the silence
I am the craftsman of myself
Therefore I praise the Horned and the Great Mother
And where the wind blows, at the mercy of the oneiric
It is the touch of the world's spirits
Which enhances my magic
Mind's spreading, faint voices chant at the moon
The silvering light of Levanah penetrates the unconscious
And revives the Ancient Knowledge
I take flight, the dance is over
Now we are the deer returning from the Sabbath
Now we are the crow which contemplated the silence
Now we are the craftsmen of ourselves
Therefore we praise the Horned and the Great Mother

03. The Naked And The Dance

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
The fresh humidity of the green moss wets my skin
my body laying down, as it suits to who adores a god
Over the sacred stones of the Cromlech
Our bodies clinging each other
What is of the One becomes of the Many
The incense smoke dances with the candles flames
Attracting the celebrants astral energies
The choral worshiping of the Black Goddess raises from our minds
What is of the Many becomes of the One
The sacred wine shall fill the cup which turned was in the goatish horn
The fertile lips shall kiss the rod which life and shape took from the walnut
An the Nine shall come at the beginning of the dance
The naked feet shall caress Sheela Na Gog
The naked bodies moistened by wood's breath
The naked minds dancing in the air
And the shrewd spirits, by sacred fire inebriated, shall turn to whirl
And once more the Great Spiral shall be Tregenda
One and seven to celebrate the thirteen fullness of Levanah
Who of ancient memory made arcane magic mortal
Simple melodies by "Her Who guides" vibrated
Enchantments of witches for millenniums hand down
Bodies like veils fluttering to paint the Great Dance
Offered to the sky as a tribute of the soul drag into oblivion
May I rejoin the stars, free my astral
Embrace Knowledge and in the All regenerate myself now beast now man
Till to reborn from the effluviums of my ethereal spirit God I Myself
God among Gods
Deserving of my devotion and of my passion!
Sacrificial victim for those who welcome me
Heir and part of the All

04. Cimmeries

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
Gorgot Assai Belem
May the Great Portal open to me
My voice thunder in thy name
And for the power of the Lords of the Great Frost
The whirling air of the North guide my spirit
In the quest for glorious past
And it was in the mist of time
That the death fires floodlighted darkness
The wind brought the smell of blood
The air of extermination and the exterminators outcry
The blades of sacrifice deepened in the flesh
And the nerves and the black seers raised
Hearts still pulsating to unnameable Gods
For their obscure prophecies
Prepare now your soul for the embrace of the sacred death
May water suffocate your breath and flame consume your flesh
All this so that Teutates, Esus and Taranis protect my people
Heavy and slow were the treads of the black warriors
In the Aeron's march, dust rising like whirls
While the horrible Crow turned His eyes to the battle remains
Morighon was reigning among the stones of the timeless
Where the stars engraved their symbols
And under the brightness of the moon
The initiates were unlighted on the Great Secrets
I want to reopen my eyes to look beyond the horizon of fear
My God is in me
In the strength of my arm
In the light of my sword
I raise my arms to Andraste
So that only massacre be in my eyes
To the threshold of the abyss I kneel
So that the Three Furies invade my soul
With wine I honor the Gods
So that inebriation draws me near them
My face I paint of moon
Like all the sons of the dying sun lands
I belong to Her
Crom is in me
Remote are now those archaic deeds in the mist of time
And the Cimmeries testimonials sleep
In the obscure silence of the tumulus
Like ancient relics, mighty sigils to fragile ashes
But the choirs will thunder again Gorgot Necrod Belem
May the Great Portal close to you

05. My Devotion

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
Under the moonlight
Bitter falls a tear
Over the face of memories
Oh, shining blade
Cut my flesh
So that be the Sacred Fire
Nourished by my vital fluid
And you! Spirits of the Air
Leave smoke as a sign of my rite
Stone after stone
I create my Lucus
And so I divide
The world of human dimension
From the one of Gods
How wonderful falling into this darkness
Blow up the last torches
And shut up your eternal chant
Helel Ben Shahar
Shining Master of light
Prince of dawn
Wipe the shadows out of my spirit
Banish weakness from my body
Give me the strength of Power
Let my throat
Be ripped up by crying My Devotion
In my devotion the sign of Voor
In my devotion the sword of Hathoor
May the four elements
Become my allies,
May the faith of darkness
Be my weapon
And the spirit my temple
Son of time's forces
Deter my mind
From the wicked ignorance
Of the Lambs of god
In my devotion the sign of Voor
In my devotion the sacred Tor
The circle of power
Be a sacred place
Shield and protection
From the followers of the Nazarene
Light in the light and light in the darkness
I seize my nature
The five edged star adorns my breast
And my hands clutch the club
We are wolves in the sacred wood of life
In my devotion the sign of Voor
In my devotion Bathym Belem Gomor
Take me, oh ferryman
Through the vision of my death
The heat of the Great Black Veil
My hearse brought in slow procession
By the No Named
My reunion with Mother Earth
The keeper of the dreams
Last turning his clepsydra
The breaking up of the black mirror
And The Guardians of the threshold
Will open the last Portal
Let the candles burn out
Darkness consumes light
Time devours life
My Eternal Devotion to Darkness

06. Under The Sign Of The Red Dragon

Music & lyrics by Opera IX
I raise my eyes at dead of night
I hear the silence molding my body
I hear the damp and living ground throbbing
I belong to it
I'm the guardian of this land
I'm Dracula, Prince of Wallachia
My name is synonymous with fear and terror
Which I sowed and grew and which I fed on
I led an army of dead soldiers
That I myself had raised from their graves
I spread death and destruction
Stifling smell of blood and excrement
Desperate cries, sobs
Thousands of corpses rotted in the sun
Thousands of poles rose as I passed
My head beheaded and laid down
The law: my law
I was Vlad, the Impaler
Nobody could obstruct my path
And the powerful Turks come in crowds
And the new forest came up
Forest of fright and blood
And the sultan of gold and silk
Came with his numerous army
Thousand of persons were horribly impaled
And crowds came, crowds of enemies
And at the end I was surrounded
Chill, blood, horror of an irrepressible slaughter
By then I was a prince without land
And from the ground a whisper
The whisper of the dead rose
Dracula, please, come back!