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Dozer - Beyond Colossal lyrics


01. The Flood

Die, yeah you will have to burn
Cry, and you will not be heard
And I will watch you hang below the sky...
Why, I am the burning flame
Lie, no I won't ease your pain
And I won't leave until I've burned the ground...

Before I have to go I'll tell the tide to flood you all
Before I take control I'll be reminded by you all
I'm the untold...

Die, no you will have to learn
Cry, no I won't go unheard
And I will watch you from a higher ground...
Why, you've reached the boiling point
Lie, no I won't ease the strain
And I won't leave until you all have drowned...

02. Exoskeleton, Part Two

Is this all I need, that's no way to feel alive
I'm a dying breed, I could never be revived
So let's go across, tell me why I go alone
I still need it more, will the truth ever be known

Sorrow comes, needless loss
Darkness falls, the end is in sight

It is a sign all hope will follow
I sure dislike whom I've become

I can hardly breath, I am sure I won't survive
Is this make-believe, why are you acting so surprised
I won't bare the loss, is it better to cut my throat
Someone's at my door, is it mankind's only hope

I feel everything so why explain,
Why is suffering prolonged
There's a line that has not yet been drawn
Why is everything still wrong

03. Empire's End

Well, I don't know what you've been missing
You've discovered lies
Brush it off inhale your anger and you will only find
I am so tired I still believe...
I don't know why all this fury's coming out tonight
No one's keeping it inside so I will let it out
I am so tired I still believe...

I am the seasons of the North
I am the demon from below
I am the dying and the grief
I am sustained by your relief...

I control the rage you have for everyone alike
I'll unleash it you can't tame the wind I have in mind
I am so tired I still believe...
Death is coming nearer I can feel the demon's out
I have fooled you all and I now you'll pay the highest price
I am so tired I still believe...

Bright borealis - Sounding of horns
March of the wanderers - Breaking of morn
Circles of aeons - Empire's end
Time has no malice - Smoke on the wind

04. The Ventriloquist

So you gave your life long before your time, it had not yet begun
I need no hand in mine, and the season's passing by too fast for us

As long as I'll be free internally
As long as I will live forever long

So cold I'm watching you, and the waves take out your fear into the sun
I bleed from time to time, now the rain is pouring down on everyone

05. Grand Inquisitor

I never wait for tomorrow
It always comes with the light
I can't be worried 'bout sorrow
A sadness that will not ignite

And you got a long way up
When you got controlled by fear

I cannot lay it behind me
It never leaves when it's bright
I can't be stuck in the moment
Amber alerts me in time

I'll never wait for tomorrow
It always comes after night
I hope that you see what I see
But I will not put up a fight

06. Message Through The Horses

Soul's eye's no more
Hold your head low

Life falls short
And I can see no way out
I am done
And I can see no way out... for you

Foul to the core
Lie, say no more

07. The Throne

Despise what you know
Despise what you need, it's cutting our throats

08. Fire For Crows

What have you done when it's clearly not so
Destroying it all what was sacred before
It dies, oh you know it dies
Cause I'm overloaded with all that's been said

Loath me - Harm me
Arms out - Reach out

What I've become here no one can like
I will be blind and safe in my mind
All you can do is tell all your friends
And I will enjoy the view ...when it's you

What has begun has become your motto
Enjoyed everything that was hatred before
It dies, oh you know it dies
Cause I am mistrusting with all that I am fed

09. Two Coins For Eyes

Why am I lonely
And my soul's not here no more
Try, yeah I do try
All I do is try and fail

Why the light of day
When it's gone comes the war

Whole, am I whole now
Is this true or shades of grey
Time is a true crime
And it's victims end up dead

Erebus driver - Take your rider
Two coins for eyes...
Fare is offered - Lead and copper
Two coins for eyes...

I'll stop this war by being no more
I won't go on, I won't live on...

Why am I lonely
And my souls not here no more
Time's wasted on me
And I won't hold out for more

10. Bound For Greatness

As dark as it is now, I feel much worse
Confined I'm in it, it is my curse
A turn for the better, what does this mean
Every day I get weaker, and so do you

And I will die, yeah, I will die
So I will die, and I have died for me

I'm bound for greatness, yeah that's what I'm told
But I cashed in a rain check, as good as gold
Confusion is over and I feel in bloom
I know where to go now, inside my tomb