40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room lyrics


01. Restless

I can't see my way when shame is covering my eyes.
Carry a flame for me that I might make it;
Faltering forward as the time.
I can leave no traces
Or I can move the stars in space;
But I can say nothing for the weight of the action that lies like scars upon my face.
But I will say for you anything you need to hear ...
I mean it;
Take the longing from these restless eyes
And keep it for as long as you need it.
I mean it;
Take the longing from me.

I won't see you changing should you remember me somehow.
What in the world would make me feel that way
When nothing on earth would make me now?

All I ever wanted was something that I have never seen.
And all that I ever offered was something that I have never been;
But I will play for you any part you need, my love ...
I mean it;
Take the longing from these restless eyes
And keep it for as long as you need.
I mean it;
Take the longing from me.

I can't make things right, baby
But you know that I will try.
Say that I waited from now till forever;
Say that my tongue should never speak;
Say that I stayed here and lay down beside you;
Say that I buried my mouth in your hair.

02. Open My Eyes

The places we've been to these past seven years seem so far.
And the way that we came to be here, where we are, seemed so hard.
And maybe I'm not in my right to long for peace in your eyes,
But baby, I know you're not right ...
If only the love that you'd feel for me, you'd feel for you.

You made it easy for me to give myself up.
You waited,
You leaned out for me,
And you never changed, did you, my love?
And after the pain came a peace;
Then a happiness like we've never known.
So help me to help you and say for me,
After all that you did for me, what can I do?
I could find a way.
I would do anything;
And I would never let you go.
Open my eyes and let me see you shining.

And maybe, one move at a time, you'd learn to love yourself again.
I'd take you in my longing arms and try forever;
Please be happy, my love.
And all of the pain in your life, I'd make it better;
And all that you do, I'd make it matter;
Matter to me and to you.
And in my way I've only tried to love you more.
I opened everything ...
Now open your eyes.
Can you see me shining?

03. Take Me In

Take me in, inside
To your room, to your fire.

Take me in, please try
Where I am warm and where I am welcome

Like I would never let you
Like I would never let you
Like I would never let you know
I never would

The way the street looks tonight
Reminds me of a summer night I want to go to

Take me in and never let me go
There is nothing I'm left holding on to

Like I would ever let you
Like I would ever let you
Like I would ever let you go
I never would

04. Between Times

Listen, my love;
Sometimes I've never known silence of this kind
The silence of stars
Higher than we've ever flown
Carry me over between times.
In your red room on quilted blankets
Laying awake in the low light.
Nothing, I know, can ever be more than now
Gather me up here, between times.

Say for me now that you mean to wait for me
Say for me now that you'll still be here tomorrow.

But all time is now, and time can do nothing else
Awaken your body beneath mine.
I may get it wrong
And maybe I'll get it right
Warm and unclose me between times.

And all that I have is all that I've ever known
Carry me over
Between times
Between times.

05. Carry Me Home

Far away from home
And everyone I really know
All at once I find
I'm a stranger even to myself
And like the snow that's falling
I've never been so pure before
Christiania, before I leave you
You'll leave a mark on me

I like the way you smile
I like the way you try too hard
And in my heart this moment
I like the way you seem to read my mind

And what would I not say
To be in that room again
If only for one moment
That you would hold me
In your tiny hand, and I might say
Tomorrow I could find you, and you might take
Something that I thought I could never give away
If just to think I've something more to show

And as I touch the sky
I feel the space I've left behind
So carry me back home
Out on my own, I, like in a living dream
And all the lights of London
Are like a million reproachful eyes
Tomorrow I'll be walking a different city
Beneath a different sky

And what would I not say
If we were in that room again
If only for one lifetime
You would take me
In your tiny hand, to a place
Where I know that I can find you
To a place,
Where everything I've done and I've done has gone away
If just to show me something I don't know

06. This Alone

Turn your face to the moon;
Let me see you that way.
And the way you appear to me now you'd think the moon would hide for shame.
And though there is fire inside there's a peace I have never known
As if all of the earth holds her breath underneath the weight of snow.
I'm watching you watch the water, wondering why with every deep happiness there's some kind of pain.
And these last days I've let so much of me away;
But you will always be a mystery to me.
I know that nothing touches you;
Nothing has or ever will.
Like that moon you're high and far away;
Hold my heart - This alone is heaven.
But it's more than I can hide.
And the way I feel for you now is something I don't understand;
Because sometimes, you know, even I feel so old
But you make me feel like I'm just being born.
You make me smile;
You make me know myself;
You make me feel like I'm someone else.
And I'll hold you here in the back of my mind and I'll let you go now;
I'm letting you go.
And the night rolls over us with no hesitation.
There's so much life in me now,
Keep me here.
Hold back time - keep me here;
Keep me here.

If we were alone on this earth,
Or even away from here,
It would be easy to let myself go;
And God knows I want to.