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A Forest Of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring lyrics


01. Sorrow's Impetus

Awoke from typhlotic silence
Awoke from mind inearth
Conscious enveloping, sick feat over
To the shock of the white-coated, I returned undefeated from whence others fear to tread
Time to fling another barrage at desideratum... Last rites retracted
So I'm trying to remember where I was when I lost sight of the flickering sun Perhaps to recall, the beginning of the downfall of it all... the rainbow drain-bowed
Ember's colour became as grey, on the day when perspectives lengthened
When what had seemed before to be so far away became to me so shockingly, starkly, clear
Face down in ash, choking in frenzy (soon to become a meal for the many)
As smiling eyes to glittering iceâ" worm voices rising through all this putrefaction. Awaiting loss in less than resignation, to finish the start a tempting frustration
Fully expecting subterfuge, in a place of no refuge. No last chances for this sleighted hand
Away, awayâ"lying through the last stand dead heat, soul on ice; all wishes wasted... ...dreaming pure horror
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Painting out cracked windows of the soul / in misty midnight black Serrated blades of silver hatred / ragged cuts pissing blood torn through gossamer thin desire / all hope and fear feeding funeral pyres Whatever passed for colour / has now passed on
Spider amongst the bar flies, Sinking sorrows as oceans rise, and fallen angels fall further!

02. Raven's Eye View

I won't just steal your thunder, I'll have your lightning as well
As crushing blow of hammer, annihilating those grating steeple bells
As hairline cracks to fragments!
Standing up on high, spraying golden rain down on to the waiting faces of you pious, worthless swine...
Hear my sermon splashing down all around you, children
We would not even waste one single match on you trough-fed, hook-lined, soul-sunk bottom-feeders
Never mind chapter and so-called verse
I shall instead content myself with loosing my bowels upon youâ" to drown your herd in a flurry of slurry
Soul starved bodies crushed, throats stuffed with my falling angels
Yours, in mocking memory!
After all, you are only worthwhile as fertilizer...
To the gallows with your lack of humour! You, who do not play well with words!
Hammer blow upon hammer blow. Hammer blow upon hammer blow
Upon Eternity's Anvil!

03. Summertide's Approach

As water rushes, as sewer grates over-faced
All bloated corpse, all ever-was. As love becomes hated, as light shades to grey Swelled to envelop all ever-nothing
All stagnation becomes all too apparent
As horizon forced below
While smiling frown, while laughing weep. As mould grows thickly, silently all around
As scream becomes whimper, under weight of shroud befouled
All clamour now silence / nature leagues below
Let's see you fight with lungs full of stone!
Hope all forgotten, beauty as beast
All breath to fire / All sustenance to filth, All flesh to rot / All temples to rubble, All toil turns to trouble / All to nothing, ALL HORROR! ALL HORROR!
Faceless, mindless, souls sold all the way out
Heartless, hopeless, ensnared in useless sorrows...
What's the use of all light shining with idiot eyes screwed tight shut?
Profane it all, just tell me, what's the use?
If you're going to use those stupid hands to build an ugly pyre, and truss me up there by mob-hoofed force, I'll be wanting more than just a penny
More than just a miserable fucking penny... ...A miserable pox-ridden penny for the guy
I could hurl a thousand curses, and not one could gift you fair judgement
So crack out those ten-a-penny lighters, and spark up your miserable flames...

04. Thunder's Cannonade

Our sky, she's full of lights, glinting through all that dark, uncaring
The Rats on the Moon are shielding their eyes, against the creeping, the crawling...
All that so-called useless DNA
Sharp colours teased to a gleam...
â"Doesn't matterâ" Refracted inaction... ...remains inaction
This cursed recursive loop â pure comedy
Soon ye shall be razed in flame
How does that fire feel climbing up your back?
Still grabbing with those thieving little hands?
So we strive to lift up our heads against the nowhere, before you blot out Mother's summersphere
One fist may resolve nothing, but many fists shall knock you flat
One projection may be simple refraction, but many, well, they equal reaction
Those ears of yours just picked up a sneaky peal of thunder
Are you ready for the lightning to strike?
Are you?

05. Starfire's Memory

Dusk, she is the calming influence, making ends meet in a place of concentric corners
She cleanses these gutters with her utmost purity
Onrushing dark leaves your false light lonely
Her frozen kiss devoid of apology
Setting cleansing fires to guide the rest of us through the night by
When we once again arrive in struggling shine of dawn, memories of her ice shall gird us on our way...
For all the friends we left behind, for lost summers and eyes gone blind
For the kiss of blade on desperate flesh, for light shrouded only in funeral dress For all tears mingled with bad blood, awaiting sentencing for hearts taken, but not understood
For all mislaid foundation stones, for all smiles cracked wide open
For all beauty turned to ash, for all flames in deluge doused
For all fear all encompassing
One for sorrow
Two to destroy

06. Delay's Progression

We watched rain hammer the good weather, and waited for the end to start Sparks flew from chains dragged in servitude, watching colours fail and brightness turn to programmed dusk
While tears burnt tracks in cold stone, all future to disappear beneath layers of sorrow. Stone-clad solitude / rain lashed epitaph
All earthly shells divide. Divide by zero...
We ignored the men stamping out the future, and smiled at the cathode rays. Drizzle crawled over cracked portals to nowhere
Afraid to face the grey infiltrating our bored darkness
While rainbows feigned ignorance, all past lost in a deluge of tedium
Media driven prison / scavenger crawl. All flesh corrupt
Rot to multiply...
Colour washes out given time
Time awaited ticks away
Your lives lived in stolen fictions, words of men your protocol
We shall re-tune your noise, into a steady blast
Beating out an old tattoo, upon Eternity's Anvil
All Father, hold fast for me!
Delaying the inevitable as seasons become as one
All encompassing winter of servitude
All is as nothing, all has nothing to become
She cried, she cried, as all summer fell
Took the Final by the scruff of its dirty neck, and flung it far into forever!
Waiting for delay to progress lost its appeal
Shifting our weight against this seasonless somewhere, embroiled in a twisting universe simulated and unreal
The final curtain fell, and fell. And fell
Leaving cleansing, crushing darkness to fend for herself...
Leached of colour, evolution gone full circle from tail, to head, to putrefaction
Starting to End all over again, the stars cry for no-one
As shades of grey become colour, we bow our heads for the passing of summer
Into darkness now, to await Sol's triumphant return
Firebrands rise! Backlit bloodlines obscure and clot!