Dragged Into Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind lyrics


01. Boiled Angel/Buried With Leeches

Boiled Angel:

Another bastard in the ground,
Kill every cunt,
Pounded into dust

Buried With Leeches:

Sacred rights,
Blistered hands

Blessed dead hands,
Clutched in times hold

Misery floods the void,
The wague of sin plagues mankind again

Scissors cutting through flesh,
Straight into bone

02. Volcanic Birth

Clench your teeth, fall to your fucking knees
Inhuman pain, crippled with misery

Cannibalized remains,
Flesh rotten to the bottom,
Raped and corrupted,
Volcanic birth now

A dead gift to your dying world

03. To Hieron

To hieron

Spears thrust to the skies above,
Baptized in tides of blood,
In thunderous rage,
Before the throne of plagues

They speak in swarms

Onwards to hieron,
Altar of light,
All broken,
Swept aside

04. Lashed To The Grinder And Stoned To Death

Watching, waiting, visible

Skeleton witch,
Starved for weeks

Dethroned, defleshed and stoned to death,
Lashed to the grinder

Jaws locked around your face
Think before you fucking speak

05. I, Aurora

I, Aurora, year of no light
Restless like ocean,
Buried by time

Dead in the woods,
Limbs bound with roots,
Buried beneath rocks,
Graveless remains

Black sun,
Forked tongues,