Intronaut - Valley Of Smoke lyrics


01. Elegy

Mystery brought by the cracks in time
And our skulls, and our barks

We lay underneath you
Obscured by centuries
And cry in horror

Haunted by the terror
Half-charred, annihilated

02. Above

Eyes to the sky
The sound fills our ears
This moment resonates
A taste of our ill-fated destination

The night goes black
For fear of the light we see
Headed our way, never to arrive

Smoke without mirrors
Stubborn silence in the dark
And in the wake of it's gradual lift,
All but clarity to behold

So it goes

03. Miasma

Dark movements in broad daylight
Ramparts crumble, a sign to all who enter this place:
Through cracks in this visceral wall, sometimes more than truth escapes

How weak we become, as it leads us astray

Our own reflection often takes the biggest toll,
Scarring us the most
An orderly exchange of guilt

No conscience cleared
No final word
As bright lights in dark skies promise to take me away

04. Sunderance

The voice has always been here,
But is never heard
Loud cries drowned by the rain
Overcome by the wind

A shared breath, a world apart
The missing pieces are all that's left

Slipping away

Time is too fast to catch,
And too slow to forget

05. Core Relations

Through the great tongue of fire, they survived
In the shape of the beast, they dwelled

Far behind, far ahead
From waters to valleys

Tablets forged in gold
Secrets kept
Shelter from the storm

Under the dark side of the sun,
Blood runs cold, memories fade away, and ghosts do stir...

06. Below

The ground below us gives way
Our foundations are no more
And yet we try so hard to stay the same

Our world shifts beneath our feet
We are consumed
It's out of our hands

08. Past Tense

It grows in our garden
Of dispair
Born oceans away
As old as time, and still among us

Unraveled from the inside
We forgive, and then we forget
With all that we can't see, knowing is believing...
And nobody wants to know

Any port will do
Valley of smoke seen up ahead
Storm is on the way

09. Vernon

Man made tundra covers the blood stained soil

Ghosts on their death march
Another cog in the wheel

The battle is out of mind
But won and lost each day

Breathe in the scent
Where they sweeten the candy
And slaughter the swine

Ghost swine death march