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Lich King - Toxic Zombie Onslaught lyrics


02. Attack Of The Wrath Of The War Of The Death Of The Strike Of The Sword Of The Blood Of The Beast

You've heard of the beast and the things he has done
Like the number, the strike and command
But no metalhead is prepared for the onslaught
Of violent shit he has planned

He's got machine guns and hatchets and swords
And some missiles and foods with trans-fats
He will unleash mass destruction, you're dead
You just got smashed... by the

Attack of the Wrath of the
War of the Death of the
Strike of the Sword of the
Blood... of the Beast

The beast in the past has done horrible stuff
And his victims were left quite displeased
No one knows what he's so angry about
Maybe once in third grade he was teased

He's got chainsaws and bombs and an axe
And some unfiltered cigarettes too
He will unleash mass destruction, you're dead
You just got trashed... it's the

Attack of the Wrath of the
War of the Death of the
Strike of the Sword of the
Blood... of the Beast

He smashes your face with a hoof
He's angry as hell
In a fistfight with all of the world
Mass death on a global scale
Is sudden and swift and hard
Buried deep in your chest
It pours from a dozen wounds
Character for the metal obsessed

The beast will destroy everything in his path
With this song on the upcoming brawl
It sure is a long one and tough to pronounce but
It's the most metal title of all

He's got brass knuckles and ninja stars
Meat cleavers and Paul Reiser tapes
He will unleash mass destruction, you're dead
You just got thrashed... by the

Attack of the Wrath of the
War of the Death of the
Strike of the Sword of the
Blood... of the Beast

03. Office Politics

I'm a white collar death machine with murder on his mind
A psychopathic madman caught up in the daily grind
Inter-office enmity has brought me to this place
I want to take a sharpie and then stab it in your face

Backstabbing chickenshit has gone over my head
Told the boss about the files that I knew I should have shred
Now I'm in my cubicle and darkly thinking how
I could end this punk with pain and settle back and disavow

I wish it were 5 o'clock
Wait for you out in the parking lot
I could kill you
I will kill you
I will finish the job you should have done for yourself


Take a ride to Staples on my lunch hour just to check
If they're selling something I could use to stab you in the neck
Maybe human resources has something I could read
That'll help me practice policy while causing you to bleed
I take my glasses off and I loosen up my tie
It's almost time to go help a brown noser to die
Say goodnight to Bob and take the elevator down
Grab a tire iron and then put it in your crown

You know you asked for this
Fight for your life, stand and try to resist
I can kill you
I will kill you
Put down your briefcase and ready yourself for the pain

04. Thrash Resurgence

Just another song with thrash in the name
Just another band with no chance of fame
Why do they rise up?
Where do they come from?

Hordes of slackers with thrash on the brain
New age of youth that live against the grain
Their time was over
What the hell's up with the thrash resurgence?

Rise up, march on, tread the earth again
Heads bang, fists raise, more monsters than men
They can't stop us now

Psychopathic ape men dominate the form
Purest form of metal catches on and is reborn
What did they come for?
They shouldn't be here

Something terrible is looming overhead
Join the legion, walk amongst the dead
We've always been here
They're wrong this is not a thrash resurgence

Underground we continued to feed
Now your children feel our primal lust and heed the call

05. Black Metal Sucks

Over there in Norway, the churches all burn down
Let's go dress in goth clothes and get painted like a clown
Awesome leather armbands with spikes like two feet long
Hair is parted down the middle, frowning like a frog

In league with the devil, talking Satan, skulls and hell
Making mommy mad, cause that's original
If you hate good music, then it can't hurt to go
Image-conscious assholes, black metal fashion show

I hope that you get hit by a bus. Why?
Black metal sucks
Careful not to smear your makeup
You suck
goth clothes and frowns, just like we discussed
Black metal sucks
Augh What?
You suck

Blacke Foryst of Despayr, taking photos of the band
Put 'em up on myspace you're the envy of the land
Posing with a battleaxe and grimacing with hate
When you're done with this, figure skating at the lake

The music is best, it's got the hardest metal sound
Quickly riffing on one note is certain to astound
Dimly echoed drumming and some goat heads to distract
From the terrible screeching that you pass off as your act

I wish your black clothes would combust. Why?
Black metal sucks
You know what dude, you look like a schmuck
You suck
Singer sounds like a wounded duck
Black metal sucks
I'd rather listen to... us
You suck

You know how I know you look like a fool?
Lich King rules
We're the best band and we're super cool
We rule
Straight from the 80's and we're old school
Lich King rules
Running out of rhymes, so wading pool
Thrash is the rule

06. I Destroy

Music & lyrics by I Destroy

07. Predator

Music & lyrics by I Destroy
US Special Forces
Head into the jungle
Hostages trapped
Rescue the friendlies, eliminate hostiles

Watcher above
Cloaked and unseen
Infra-red vision
Stalking the hunted and poised to attack

Skinned and hanging all the soldiers are dead
Dog tags are steeping in blood
Guerrilla post is found and the battle is led
Bullets rain down in a flood

Something is seen in the midst of the trees
Anna runs and Hawkins gives chase
The jungle comes alive and the soldier is seized
Disappears again with no trace


As they search for the body
Jesse Ventura
Struck by a laser
Dead on the ground and the creature approaches

Mac to the rescue
He sees the monster
Mind starts to break
Transparent enemy with luminous eyes

Machine gun fire cuts the foliage up
Minigun is humming at speed
Trap is set and something is cut
Wild boar distraction succeeds

Hunting the thing Mac and Dillon pursue
I'm gonna have me some fun
Mac's head is blasted apart into goo
Apollo Creed's arm's off, he's done


Time to bleed

Billy, Poncho, Anna, Dutch are all that remain
Get to the chopper and try to escape the insane

Billy makes a stand and Dutch takes a dive
Barely escaping, barely staying alive

You can not see me
Earth is my armor
You hear me, war cry
Calling you out
You will not find me
Easy to deal with
You will not find me
Easy to kill


09. Toxic Zombie Onslaught

Nuclear crypt is opened at last
Out come the shambling fiends
Rotten and groaning the zombies attack
Heedless of anyones screams

Freed from their prisons in barrels of waste
Radioactive undead

Zombies are glowing they lurch and they crawl
Surrounding each house that they find
They know you're inside and bang on the wall
They're here to help open your mind

They ... Have killed all the livestock
You're in for a shock
Double-check the lock
Fear the dead that walk

Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught

Farmland is crawling with brain eating ghouls
Cities begin to infest
One has attacked you, you watch as it drools
And it begins to feed on your flesh

Freed from their prisons in barrels of waste
Radioactive undead

Conscious you're being devoured alive
Eyes glazing over you're gone
You start to glow and begin to revive
Join them and get moving on

You ... Kill all the livestock
Gorge upon the flock
Nuclear feast epoch
You're the dead that walk

Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Toxic Zombie Onslaught

10. Lich King 2

Grimly oppressive, no sun in the sky
Blood soaking into the dirt
Kingdom is conquered and governed by crows
Lightbringers could not avert

Ruling by magic and guided by hate
One wicked wizard commands
There see the glint of a terrible crown
There see the sword in his hand

There see the sword in his hand

All hail the Lich King
Give in to fear
All hail the Lich King
Master of might
Ready to fight

Order is given and scepter is raised
Thundering into the world
Apocalyptic, it's his end of days
Black and red banner unfurled

Facing the dregs of the kingdoms undone
Rag-wearing legions of men
Laughing, his sword is a whickering death
Laughing and killing again

Laughing and killing again

All hail the Lich King
Heed the unjust
All hail the Lich King
Master of dust

Men fight for land
Men fight for life
Fall by his hand
Fall to the blight

Undead monarch
Undead the throne
He rules the dark
He rules alone

All hail the Lich King
Give in to hate
All hail the Lich King
Accept your fate