Dark The Suns - Lake Of A Thousand Tears lyrics


01. Lake Of A Thousand Tears

Music & lyrics by Dark The Suns
In the midways of this mortal night
I found me on gloomy shores,
gone astray from the right path
I saw the one who was to guide me.
"Go to the other shore. Go to the other side...
I go first and you will follow me
Into the night, there to dwell."

Sailing this ocean of eternal dream
You will soar offering all of your tears
Sailing this ocean of silent waters
I will be leading you across the dark

From high seas to the bay - and so back - waters move.
All my mistakes cascade on me
and every single tear is waterfall.

Once the air was filled with the brightest light and hope.
Now silent rain freezes in the air
never touching the icing waters.

02. Walking With An Angel

Music & lyrics by Dark The Suns
In the echoes of falling rain the shadows hide memories...
In the end the angels cry

I walk alone beneath the weeping starlight skies
Where angels fall
Night raven cries
Shares my grief

Speak no more and walk with me in these shades, in these dreams...
In the end the angels cry.

03. Rimed With Frost

Music & lyrics by Dark The Suns
In silence we dwell
Beneath the veil of winter
On this freezing ground
Buried by waves of snow

In cold lifeless light, in northern night
We'll lay down and sleep under the wings

We are still here, rimed with frost
There won't be dawn, no dawn for us

You were my angel
In this quiet world
Now we are buried down
By the snow that keeps on falling