Entrails - The Tomb Awaits lyrics


02. Unleashed With Wrath

With hatred as strength towards humanity
Taking actions against mankind's stupidity
Fools! You are nothing but worms
Fools! You live on my terms

Confront me and you will die
As will those passing by
When begun, there's no stopping me
Another bloody massacre complete

Fools, you worthless fools
Your blood is on my hands
I need for you to bleed
Now face my unleashed wrath

Remorseless, no regrets
I've killed before, and I'm not done yet
Have no fear of being caught
Others feel empathy, I do not

Have no fear of being caught
I do not feel empathy
In this world of shit

With my massive collection of weaponry
I can act out in supreme devilry
Human victims is my monthly feast
Every time I kill off thirteen at least

A quick stab with the blade of a knife
Warm blood gushing, and draining a life
I love the feeling, the colour, the smell
Do not wish for heaven, I'd rather be in hell

03. Crawling Death

Crawling up from the graves at night
On the graveyard, away from the light
Thunder and lightning are always near
Death for all to see, death for all to hear

Dweller of the dark
Ghost of the unknown
Crawling in the mist
Dweller of the dark

Crawling death

A ghost of the night, from evil born
Ruthless at heart and to darkness sworn
This bringer of death, dwelling in the mist
A ghost unseen from a world beyond this

Dweller of the dark
Ghost of the unknown
Crawling in the mist
Dweller of the dark

04. Eaten By The Dead

As the clock strikes twelve, lightning strikes twice
Up from the graves they rise
Restless dead awaken this night
Killing everything in sight

A human bloodbath, craving to be fed
People get trapped by the dead
Thirsty for blood just before dawn
They are from evil spawned

They begin their endless feast
Eaten by the dead
They devour flesh and bone
Eaten by the dead

I have hidden in a cellar below
Without the walking dead to know
But suddenly the door slams open wide
And they stab me in the side

I want to wake up from this dream
But it's real no matter how much I try to scream

Blood is dripping as I scream in pain
Screaming, struggling, but it's all in vain
They gather around me to begin their feast
Cannot flee from these vicious beasts

I gag and choke while they're eating me alive
I try to, but can't survive
There is no way out for me anymore
I'm dead behind the cellar door

When dawn arrives, they go to sleep
Underground, six feet deep
Every night they come to life once more
To feast on flesh and gore

05. To Live Is To Rot

Beneath the ground, buried alive
Not a chance to survive
In a casket, trapped underneath
In the soil, impossible to breathe

You try to scream thinking someone will hear
But no one was in sight, no one even near
Your lungs are filled with dirt, and now you know
That you will die, hidden below

To live is to rot

06. Undead

Being all alone at midnight
Walking through the cemetery
The moon in full, it freaks me out
The earth begins to quake
I turn my head around my shoulder
And see a hand coming from the ground
Thinking what the fuck is going on?
The gate is locked, I am trapped

The dead are walking at the cemetery
Hungry for flesh and thirsty for blood

A thick fog of rotten stench
I try to hide from the shadows of death
They seek for human souls
Empty my head and scream for my life
I had to make my escaping clear
How to run, how to hide
Grabbed a pole and began to smash
Their heads cracked as they fell to the ground

I was killing zombies that night
Dead things drooling for my flesh
What the hell woke 'em up?
Can I somehow make them die?
I was running, I was hiding
Looking for a thing to do
Found a gas can, spread the fuel
Lit a fire and made them burn

07. The Slithering Below

Down in the ground, buried alive
Lying six feet below
The coffin's shut tight, my eyes search for light
Anxiety starts to grow

Buried alive
Torture and pain
Buried below
Screaming in vain
Buried in dirt
With snakes that slither
Buried and dead

I feel something crawling, an unseen slithering
As the air's becoming thin
Suffering through torture while my life's withering
They're now eating me from within

I can't remember how they got me in here
Buried deep underground
Bitten and trapped, I'm now beyond fear
I will never be found

Buried alive
Torture and pain
Buried below
Screaming in vain
Buried in dirt
With snakes that slither
Buried and dead
Below I wither

Below I'm dead

08. End Of All Existence

The sun goes down
Never to rise again
Black clouds fill the sky
Darkness and nothingness

The world goes to sleep
Never to wake again
Аll hopе is lost
The end of all existence

Freezing winds
Earth covered with death
Life has ended eternally
The end is here

No rest in peace
Peace is no more
Everything is dead
Dead to the core

Time to face the end
Death is now certain
All life is lost
Dead and forever gone

The end of all existence
The end of all life
The end of all existence
Nothing is forevermore

Deep endless black
Towards nothingness
The fall of existence
Nothing will ever live again

09. Collection Of Cracked Heads

Out from the dark, where I lurk and wait
Without remorse, but with furious hate
Relentless slaughters, ruthless kills
Looking for victims just for the thrills
One with evil, one with my deeds
I crave blood to satisfy my needs
Countless bodies I've slaughtered in the past
The few who have discovered, didn't last

Human remains, dead and maimed
In my collection of cracked heads
Piles of bodies, chopped in half
In my collection of cracked heads

Their fate ends the same, with the necks I break
I must keep all the souvenirs that I take
The cracking sound always gets me ecstatic
So does my collection of the macabre in the attic
Decorated with skulls and stripped limbs
I call it art, some consider it grim
It is my refuge from reality
No one knows of my urge or insanity

10. Remains In Read

Limbless corpses, scattered around
With flesh and bones as a solid ground
Countless bodies piled up on one another
One is more disfigured than the other

Remains in red
Neverending malice
Remains in red
Everlasting horror

A hideous massacre, a massmurder complete
Chopped off heads and severed feet
This orgy of blood, a killing feast
The lives were taken from a dozen at least

Blood is splattered all over the walls
In every room, even down the halls
It's not human, what happened in this place
Severed body parts forming a maze

11. Total Death

Come to me now
Don't be afraid
Death's cold dark
Obey my command

Awaiting execution
Destiny has arrived
Slaves in this world
Listen to me

Torment - Pain
Massacre - Soul
Morbid - Rituals
Total death

Kill the innocent ones
Darkness will eat their souls
Make it look like a suicide
And make my dream come true

Beware of the tormentor

They deserve to die
Paralyzed with pain
Bones break, they must crawl
I give pain to all

Corpses are molested
Feast on flesh and blood
Mortal screams fills my ears
As they die

12. Unspeakable Obscenities

Night's closing in, darkness draw near
My wicked lust becomes an urge
Relentless beatings, blood I will smear
I've just begun my search

Vile acts, deviant deeds
Carnal desires must be fed
Horrendous killings to satisfy my needs
Remove the organs, then the head

Unspeakable Obscenities
Twisted lusts of the depraved
Unspeakable Obscenities
Merciless and fierce

Here on my killing spree
Nothing's enough for me
I want to see you die
Life fading in your eyes

Decapitation, heading for some more
Mutilation's what I do
Every man to me is a filthy whore
I'll always hack up someone new

Unspeakable Obscenities
Twisted lusts of the depraved
Unspeakable Obscenities
Merciless and fierce
Unspeakable Obscenities
Furious and remorseless
Unspeakable Obscenities
Vicious and malign