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Casketgarden - This Corroded Soul Of Mine lyrics


01. Human Corrosive Disease

Unborn into a dying world of waters
Unable to inhale this corrosive disease
Rising and tearing this world apart
Corrosive disease
Lifeless and soulless urge in me
Bloody need (to hate)

Thrown out in this pale grey skied-utopia
Bled out my shapeless cell, my embryonic seed

In the deserts of rust I wander
In the deserts of rust I hide
This corroded soul of mine

Unborn into a dying world of waters
Unable to inhale this corrosive disease
This human cancer needs no cure or wonder
Through the obscure womb I see
The bloody need to hate
To smash it all away

Human corrosive disease

02. I Witness

This cubist court room of life
Tribunal genocide
Deformed faces still
Featureless- mentally blind
Mentally blind

All I see - is some light among the sutures of my eyes
I see-this eternal black ink of lies on my death .....certificate

This cubist court room of life
Hand to hand brandishing
Why are you pointing at me
My eyes are sewed I can not see

False witness is the charge against me

Give your bureaucratic knife
Hand to hand brandishing
Since it points at me
Stab in me deep within

03. Grief 100%

"...Of the grief of those who haven't got sewed eyes to see the world"

04. Song Of Tears

...And when I look back to the ancient
Afraid of thousand hiding eyes
I have to run cause they tear my soul apart
Forgotten remains of the thought
I've got to...
Hide- Hide- Hide- Hide
Run- Run- Run
Facing the face of degeneration

Hide with me- Sing the song of tears
Ashes reckon with me the long exhausted
The long exhausted fire

...And when I run my hopeless path-eternal
Paved with million hating lies
I feel that my cosmic dead end can be here
Becoming stardust, antigen
I've got to...
Hide- hide- hide- hide
Sail- sail- sail
In non-existing deep levitation

Frozen between space and time
My still life is to
Hide- hide- hide- hide
But my still life
My life's still burden...

...And when I watch my dying terra mater
Like stellar teardrop in the time
Dressed in blue silk like a widow of the life
Only ashes will survive
Frozen between space and time
My still life is to
Fight- fight- fight- fight

...And facing the face of degeneration

05. The Day When Silence Died

This sea of tears
And the oceans we've bled
Our continents of fear and blind

In the shade of a new sun
Creating an other world of lies

Cry mankind
Let the screaming lava
On the day when silence died

Liquid lead in your ears
Melting brainburning mute
Hydrogen toadstoole forge of the blind

Screaming, bursting,the lead gates of thinking
Let flow the raging sorrow again and again

Forever burn!

(Within-the only living atom-the only whispering black hole)
But I will scream
I will scream down the dams
With bursting oceans we've bled
Re-opening the seven gates of hell

In the shade of our old sun
Destroying this widow earth

Forever burn! Burn!

06. Immortality Inc.

Immortal - with others' heart, with others' brain
Gasped by entrails of this modern form of insane...
...Insane... Insane

Controlled - incest of human side
Genetical society of laboratory suicide
...Suicide... Suicide

Eternal- incorporated
Artificial lengthening of this ending time
Immortal- incorporated
Artificial lengthening of this ending time

Egoistic euthanasia- we, the goods of the trade
Engineered lobotomy- their power to increase

Soulless- deep coded in coded in your DNA
You're inferior flesh of the manufacturing process
...Just flesh

Immortality incorporated!

07. Non-Existent

Until now
I stand here as a middle point of a maelstorm
Round and round
Deep inside in my mind
I've inhaled with my burning serpent vacuum
The frozen glances of non-existence

Their dying window pain smiles at me
Time to time
Your shallow, judas soil of mind
Melted by a burning serpent maelstorm
The flaming feelings of a non-existent

I feel your cold steel through my body
Like the only universe of pain

Non-existent non-divine

Lock-jaw fate
Keep at least this embers burning of your hate
Until the time
When comprehends your shallow mind
I am the sinew around the skull of cosmos
...The non-existent

Feel my cold steel through your body
Like the only universe of pain

Non-existent non-divine

08. 7th Sear

What did you think
You god, you bastard
When you opened this scars on me?
Why did you make
My skull with 5 black holes
To suck what you create and live in the pain dimension?
Live in the pain dimension with eyes to see,
Ears to hear, mouth to lick and brain to think

Why? you god, you bungler
Why you sewed this worm skin on me?
Why is it good
A shredded skin to live in,
To scrape all the scars 'till they blood, what your serpent son worn?
What you serpent son worn with eyes to see
Nose to smell, brain to think.

Pain in me deep within
Like a thorn under the skin
Cold demise burns inside....
7th scar...

Why you opened this seventh scar?

Thorn under skin that forever hurts!

What did you think
You god, deceiver
When you cut a seventh scar in me?
What did you feel
When you laid your lance rest
And the crown of you son start to throb...under my ribs?

Under my ribs inside my skin
A heart of thorns... forever

09. Widow Mother Earth

The black curtain blinds our sun again
Man of nature - nature of man
Playing god again
Over and over again...

The black canvas is falling down again
Hate-murder-art patterned after
This blackened bastard
How can we paint the reality?

Hail hail - sun father
Close your eyes and the world goes under
And all the mankind shall growling to be saved
Hail hail - sun father
Who will mourn the day?

Comprehension beyond eternal void
Made belief narrow mind whose eyes will tear
Whose eyes will prove...
...The unconceivable ?


My widow mother earth
Look at this black sun through your tear-stained veil
And burn your pestilenced weed away!
Widow mother earth

10. Across The Vast Ocean Of Time

Through infinite dreams of chaos
On the day when silence died
There's a place that we rule - we, the blind
Where our soul of hate can rest
And where ashes turn to dust
Where the chains will be broken, the chains of "must"

Tears of mourning, cold deception-
The only castaway I am
Burn these hollow shores of ocean-
Let the celebration begin!

Through thousands of burning sorrows
Across the vast oceans of time
My journey finally ends in my mind
Where the flag of hate can rest
Where the beauty should be found
Why is it so? I look back and there is the light

...Where the ashes turn to dust
Where the flag of hate can rest
Where the beauty can be found
Fear will rise!