Derelict Earth - Below The Empty Skies lyrics


01. The Graveyard Of Dreams

Slowly awakening from a dismal slumber
Devoid of any oneiric cogitation
Desponding comatose, sad vacuous miscreation
Trapped in a bleak world precluding thoughts to wander

All deceiving freedoms of thoughts have now vanished,
Battered by countless years of social patterning.
My attributes erased, I am archetyped,
As a faceless clone who hopes for nothing...

Forcefed the deceiving thought of self-importance
Yet daily debased by otiose hierarchic filth,
In a reality reflecting my impotence,
I roam bereaved in search for some spiritual wealth.

After sequent decades of constant decline,
My sense of purpose bequeathed me only sadness,
As I no longer expect another sunshine,
To salvage me from an ineluctable madness.

I mourn for the burial of my dreams,
Collateral victims of this archaic way of thinking.
Deep down in my heart I felt the screams,
Cacophonic eruption of a resigned suffering,
Kept in a decorous excruciating mutism,
Through the epiphanic demise of escapism.

The stargazer died inside of me.
My imagination obscured by the daily routine,
Noetic thoughts preventing it to be,
This forsaken phantasmagoric world is left in ruin.
Days after days my flame is endlessly dimming
Only its extinction will end this suffering.

Will the darkness obscuring my life clear away,
Knowing no meaning is anywhere to be found ?
Whichever path we will follow our fate is bound
To start out and end in the identical way.
Whichever monument one can erect shall fall ...
Ultimately the void will engulf us all ...

The graveyard of dreams is filling everyday
With corpses from childhood memories in decay.
Despondently gazing down I forsook all hope,
Compelled to rise up and act falsely dignified,
To join up with the drones and learn how to cope
With a sickening truth: the child in me has died...

02. Trapped In A Flesh Cocoon

Waking up in a claustrophobic incubus,
Confined in an entelechy deprived prison
Lost soul drifting endlessly in the Erebus
In eternal torpor, never to arisen.

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas...
No elusive meaning is ever to be found
Neither in any religious galimatias,
Nor above the slowly growing scientific mound

We were given the poisoned chalice of sentience,
But kept out of reach of the knowledge we beg for,
Like Tantalus, in everlasting sufferance,
We will never quench our anguishing thirst for lore.

Reality will never satisfy our mind's needs
We are evermore trapped in a frail shell that bleeds
Squalidly immured from within our erring clay
With just serotonin for the pain to allay
Self-injected chemical to confine the spirit
Until the body rejects it as mere vomit

I wish I could fly away, breaking these shackles
But only death will make this glass cage's walls crackles
Awaiting the final days, longing for a dirge,
Trapped in a flesh cocoon, expecting to emerge...

Transcending this decrepit earthly attachment,
Will never be more than utter delirament.
Doomed to experience mortals negative feelings,
Obsessed by our transient, wasteful belongings,
Ephemeral creatures, blind to our future,
And in present time victims of our past's torture,
Lost amidst a crowd of judgemental strangers
Caring about the body while the mind festers

Dried are the tears of senselessness acceptance...
The cynicism is growing along senescence,
Realistic vision of a nonexistent beyond,
Where any hopes of an hereafter are fond...

Weaknesses embodied in carnal imperfection,
Abstruse, loathly, repelling carcass we are in,
Organic hindrance from the cradle to the coffin,
Vehicle of a mind beaten into submission.

03. King Nobody

Made to believe by mongrel rabble subcultures
That I would someday rise above the insects,
I basked in vanity, ignoring my defects,
Feeding on misery among the vultures.

Deluded into thinking that I would be a god,
A prodigy walking the path of exception,
Transcending death through an eonian recognition,
Accomplishing marvels that my siblings would laud.

Yet no one cared at all...
My restless activity raised no attention.
This failure to enthrall,
Shattered the mirrors that were skewing my vision.
My fate did not befall...
The crowning that was foreboded never occured,
And I was struck with pall
As it dawned on me that all I thought was absurd...

How could this pathetic blindness last for so long
and my perception of reality be so wrong ?
An unknown amidst billions of duplications
disgraced by its own miserable masturbations...

I only wish I could one day become someone
Leaving lingering footprints throughout my journey,
Being remembered ages after my time is done.
Before the maggots can feast I must reach my acme.

So I rose to take my destiny into hands,
a new glimmer of hope shining deep in my eyes.
Taking an oath before the world, that til the sands
Of time lead my flesh to its upcoming demise,
I will make my aura shines for all to see
and ensure that my name resonate beyond the sky.
Bittersweet illusion to believe I will be
Remembered when everyday a million die.

Nothing will ever appease the feeling of dread
As I understood that we will all end unknown
And before time turns it to dust, my grave will read
"Here lies King Nobody, of nothing and no one..."

04. Screams Of The Speechless

Pay heed to the deafening screams of the speechless,
Enduring sufferings that no words can express,
Their ordeals are concealed, preventing compassion
From their captivity to their execution...

Victims of an ignored miscarriage of justice,
All forms of sentience denied in their ghastly cages,
Testimony of their torturer's cowardice,
Reminding their convenient lack of languages.

Like crops they are mercilessly harvested and wasted,
Their bodies desecrated to fatten the masses,
Their entrails ground for their siblings to have once tasted,
What made them deserve a lifetime in feces.

Left in agony, flayed, bleeding slowly to death,
Their precious skins ripped off, garments for the conceited,
Fur worn as ostentatious exhibits of wealth,
Still dripping, stained by clotted blood from the vivisected.

We share responsibility for these crimes,
Conniving unconcerned, like cogs in a machine,
Rejecting the blame in hypocrisy obscene,
With the same arguments used a thousand times:
Inferior beings, born for our needs, lacking feelings,
Everything was done to avoid sufferings...

Lies !

Their limbs torn apart while their innards are pulled out,
Productiveness made the highest priority,
Suspended terrorized, remaining conscious throughout,
Carved alive by slaughterers in stolidity.

Violently herded down a death row, reeking of fear,
Crying for a mercy that will never be given,
As in pools of blood no one will notice a tear,
Diverted towards the duty to feed the craven.

A bewildered beast surrounded by a gathering,
Frolicking, singing the praises of a coward,
Pitted against a cripple having no chance of winning :
Abhorrent spectacle of an eunuch empowered...
Entertained by a summary execution,

05. The Great Degenerate Circus

I fucking hate this crowd of useless morons
Wallowing in the mud of their mediocrity,
Inbred parasites saved from deserved abortions
Swashing with a trumped-up superiority,
Degenerated kine, darwinian aberrations
Prancing in a collective asininity.

Lecturing others waving symbols they defiled,
So-called defenders but corrupters of morals,
Abusing their congregation's faith for quarrels
Over trifles, sacrificing the mislead child.
Despicable icons of incumbent deeds undone,
Cowardly hidden behind holy scriptures,
The scum is seeping in every structures,
The cracking of the foundations has long begun.

Stepping forward, on and on, again and again,
Towards self-oblivion, filling their heart with void,
Getting rid of what once defined them as humane,
Apathetic creatures in a world they destroyed.

Neither impact, nor effect or repercussion,
Will have these maggots on the reality they spoil.
Dust to dust, anonymity to oblivion,
Their only worth will be to fertilize the soil.

No sparkle in their eyes as they stare at soulless screens,
Submissive to the tyranny of appearance,
Compelled to spread the pollution of their genes,
Perpetuating the subversion of cultures.

Lethargic, drooling, image-fed gullible dupes,
Reshaped over and over again for the needs
Of their gurus, ready to serve as their shock troops
Waving their ballot papers, banners and prayer beads.

Self-centered pseudo-individual herded in line
All set to binge on "food" ready to defecate:
The perfect cross between sloth, cockroaches and swine.
Absorbed in this oppressive crowd, I suffocate...

Gasping for air in the rancid emanations
Of this grotesque sub-living freak show of mankind,
Trapped in an era that embraced devolutions,
Forced to coexist with those I scorn, I weep, resigned...

The great degenerate circus is marching on,
Overwhelming, ubiquitous, inescapable,
Leaving the unorthodox enlightened unable
To alleviate an existence in frustration...

The circus marches on,
Blemishing our sights...
The circus marches on,
Blackening our lights...

06. Elegy Of Decayed Nations

This is the dismal story of dwindling peoples:
Deserved punishment for misunderstood freedoms,
Which lead the vultures to replace the eagles
And to the sclerosis of once glorious kingdoms.

Milleniums of unrelenting evolution
To reach an apex we are now leaving behind.
Following the trail of cultures that declined
To obtain in fire and blood their absolution.

Primal hatred of others, resurgent atavism,
The horde has shunned its heroes and burned its banners,
Its virtuous superseded by profligate sinners,
The absolute victory of greed and egoism.

Witness the end of men
As dusk fell on the earth.
All will be lost again
Until the next rebirth.
The cancer is growing,
Its host is slowly dying...

We are the seeds of disenchanted generations,
Withering, shrivelling, abandoned scions of Cain,
Nothing more than modern era sodomites
Potent in causing our own annihilation,
Usurper to the throne, mindless parasites,
Obsessed by environmental domination,
On the smoldering remains of our decayed nations
A recreated natural order shall rise again.

Trapped by its utopian ill-advised tolerance
Our society fell victim to the barbarians.
Cadmean victory of the humanitarians,
Confronting warmongering with altiloquence.

The peaceful took heed from the belligerent,
The educated gave voice to the illiterate,
The apathetic were emboldened to procreate,
While the others abide by this predicament...

Degeneration of our orgiastic mores,
Failure of the whole consumerist paradigm,
Institutionalized quashing of the queries,
Mediocrity worshipped, humanity in grime...
The ever growing turpitude of the gene pool
Will lead our decrepit nations to their demise,
Blinded by leniency we are quarries for the cruel,
Subverted from within by putrescence in disguise.

07. Ashes Rain

Infinite columns of light for all to behold,
Monuments of fire burning as a thousand suns,
Symphony of the marching boots and singing guns,
Endarkened skies that noxious gases cloud enfold...

Thousand years of pain and frustration climaxing,
In a long-foreseen man-made apocalypse,
Unhuman communion in barbarism relapse,
Impervious to the vision of children writhing...

The cleansing has begun, a nuclear lustration,
Rigor mortis ballet, Mass of bile and sanies,
Elation of uninhibited insanities,
In a great parade of death throes and convulsion.

There is no hell to fear as man created it on Earth,
Fire and brimstones pouring down from firmament,
On putrescent mass graves, burning cerement,
Humanure for the vegetation to rebirth.

It was fated that this day of wasted lives would come,
Yet nothing was achie ved to prevent this outcome...
Why did it have to end like this ?
Why could not have we lived in peace ?

Purgation by fire, removal of human filth,
Washing the stains of savage colonization,
Redemptive transformation of cities in tilth,
Delivering the world by self-immolation.

Justice is done, we made amends for our crimes,
Blood and tears were shed, innocent flesh carbonized,
Lex talionis blindly applied behind the times,
Large-scale retribution for the barbarized,

Embracing extinction through violence aesthetized.

Nothing to regret from this artificial world,
Igneous vestige of a staggering fall from grace,
Lost forevermore as a flaming maelstrom whirled,
Blowing away whatsoever was left to erase.

Nowhere to run, nothing to hide, no one to save,
Death demand a tribute of burning flesh scattered
Nobody can satiate what the infernos crave
The prayers to your savior will remain unanswered

No discrimination, all well deserved their fate,
Absolute equality in a cruel demise,
Only remedy originating from hate,
Finally found for the mankind plague to chastise.

Ashes rain is falling over our world in ruins
Lacerated remnants of a madness gone too far
Obliterated human race's remains left to char
Flames of requital turned cities to coffins

08. Below The Empty Skies

I watched the world I loved ravaged by its madness,
My orphaned, widowed peers devastated in distress...
Only remorse remains after the hysteria,
Aftermath of a self-inflicted euthanasia.

Rapture came before the seventh seal was opened,
Man proved its inept potency through cosmocide,
All the once underlying abjection awakened,
Leading to an absolute, pervasive divide,

Families imbrued their hands in one another's blood,
Their innocence was among casualties of war,
Even before the shredded bodies dragged by the flood,
Repugnant heaps of bloated corpses and scattered gore...

Centenarian cities fell to ruins in seconds,
Forests turned to cinders as the only backgrounds,
Birdsongs went silent for the nations' threnody
As the problem turned into its own remedy...

Darknesses were cast over the kingdom of men,
Prudish shroud covering our shameful misdeeds,
All alone, mankind banished itself from heaven,
Set ablaze by the confrontation of all creeds,

Creation of a deity adamant to our cries,
As we overstepped our bounds and triggered Doomsday,
Left forlorn in our end, our god averted his eyes,
Its angels took all our beloved and flew away,

We were left to stay below the now empty skies...

As nothing is above, there is nothing below,
No omnipotent essence to blame for our woe,
Humanity bears the responsibilities,
We, on our own, reached these abject extremities.

Finally reaping what has been gradually sown,
As we endeavored to usurp the divine throne,
Self-proclamed coronation at highest spheres
Haughty tyrants, impostors submerged by their fears.

Biting avidly in the once forbidden fruits,
Digging deeper into our malevolent roots,
Bringing back to life shameful ghosts from our past,
Memories of a savagery we lambaste,

Seeking refuge behind deceptive motives,
Easing torments with religious palliatives,
Desensitized to the upcoming upheaval,
Worshiping the lord while becoming the devil...

Waging wars in which nobody was victorious,
Forgoing humanity to become barbarous,
Leaving behind what we fought for in their graves,
Forsaking all forms of hopes, virtue of slaves...