Sunpocrisy - Samaroid Dioramas lyrics


01. Apoptosis


02. Apophenia

Lost we are entangled up
Asking questions to ourselves

We're nothing more than concreteness
Victims trapped into our limits
Blind beliefs that lead us: "Trust in what we can perceive with senses".
Thousands minds that reflect our tendency to flatten layers of knowledge, demonstrating that we're just wasting our time
Look above us, sky is just a fragment and shows us how we're nothing more than ants.
Human weakness is what we hide
Overwhelming celebration of our fault

Entwined with our fears of being in your hands, we're deaf to the universe that guides us
How can we enhance our thin perception of every small wonder hiding behind simple shapes?

So why? we cannot see...
From taking the leap? how close we are...

Our reborn consists in breaking rims of the mind
So, what are we waiting for?
Nature is breathing and evolving, silent structures are rising
Pure beauty
Every step behind will bring your mind
Far from feel the light of this new life

Feeding modern wastelands,we are proud to call 'em "towns", elevating buildings near to god, we adore the illusion of a Deity and his reign above the clouds but sacred are the patterns: they exist, they are all around us
Overwhelming celebration of our fault

We are the end of ourselves, we ignore the evidence that nothing will preserve the Earth from the collapse when you will become exactly as the ash you trample, now...

Start breathing
All the answers that you're searching
Seem so far but still in front of you
This landscape is what you deserve

03. Φ - Phi

…And so the Universe?
Some kind of unreal sphere
I visualize this canopy, floating in front of me...
Leaning out my hand
Come to me

Your circles inspire me and I draw lines with fingers in the air and trying to figure out the nothing
The spiral runs inside, the edge is tangent to the border of circumscribed square
Mother, forgive this scatter of misfits: they can't satisfy the inside and their starvations. Today consider: we are not equal, Deconstructing open mind,
We should not forget the Sign φ

A plus B, over A is equal A over B

Because this is the form
Surrounding us the measures repeated mark our lives
We cannot close the doors of perception
Wide open sight
Bright lights show me a way to abstract the mind
Inspire sky of existence is amplified

How can I see through my mortal eyes?
We need to take time to find what we are
(Searching) wild lines of this drawing
How can we try to forget?

The hawk is focused and his descent shows the rule
Chaotic hurricanes are dominated by this order
The extinguished nautilus reflects divine proportions like galaxies in space; where spirals dominate the Void
Bright lights show me a way to abstract the mind
Inspire sky of existence is amplified

Not the eyes, nor praying, nor the mind in anyway will help you to find a way through the Garden and the Seas of light

To go beyond is wrong as to fall short Greetings and salutations...

04. Vertex

Rise of a newer mind marks the end of certain sights but now, passing on the last fence, I thank my life for giving me these highs; where to take the leap

Nothing will be the same as before the storm in which I am the Lord; who rules waves and tides' chaos
Sleeping inside me, ashes of my past are what I will preserve like a precious wonder

05. Trismegistus

"This true without lying, certain most true It contains an accurate commentary that can't be doubted. It states: what is the above is from the below and the below is from the above. The work of wonders is from one that perform miracles. And all things sprang from this essence through a single projection and by meditation. How marvelous is its work! All things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
It is the principle part of the world and its custodian."

06. Samaroid

Her father was the rising Sun
The Moon was her dying mother
They were carried by wind, down into its belly
Laying down, drowned into the ground, feeded by nurse Earth
This is the keeper of all perfection and wonder
In the whole world is here, soul, now thou can see the seeds
(Perfect in power that reveals the light)
Floating to inseminate the
(Thou are a fire that became our Earth)
Fractal of Universe
Separate the Earth crust from the element that burns inward, something inside this Core
Inside all of these wonders there's a pattern applied in atom, human body, Gaea and infinite space
Due to Golden Ratio, permeated everything. These seeds:
Ascend and descend from our Earth and Heaven and the Sky above us
All of this is near. And so the light between us

I'm feeling permeated about all the infinite beauty of the impending tragedy of our existence
Tied in a pattern that we can't break
The amuse concealed in this deep side of me will hide an infinite Love...An infinite Love for this will set me free

07. Samaroid Dioramas

Facing gloom done by shadows while your seeds are floating into another world
Why can't you see? Sun and light, shine on me again and warm me with your chill
Dark and ground disappear beneath my toes and let me know real sensations of a complete vision of your fractal design overall
(Please Hermes, let me) know your intentions: what's written on comprehension of our Earth; concerning this new wonderful adaptation
of human being?

We're so weak and just perfect, like whole Universe
I writhe, trying to open my eyes
It's just a small step to the end
We're so...We're so weak...

Rising spirituality and reaching the highest state of consciousness that mankind can have
Similar to god in a single essence... And this is why I thank this forces in me
I'm gazing away from this ill matter
Awe is just ideal
Serenity is just a void in chasm; in which you are drowning down
And here, I feel tide being conformed to the Sea...

08. Dioramas

Flying over waves I'm inspiring smells of freedom
Lights of the day shine on the crest of the water
I believe that falling will be the perfect way to purify my essence from the sorrow
Left the sky behind, diving inside to abstract
My senses amplified, I'm one with the mind, without trace of mankind
But I'm divine
Elevated from this life...
But now deepness is mine, I'm one with the tide, without trace of mankind...

I close my eyes and everything seems clear
Sun was the father who told me to fly over clouds and tides
The Moon, the Mother was the keeper of my night...
And now I'm at the end, alone in thousands lands: Samaroid Dioramas...

He is swallowed up in the Great Sea,
yet not a feather was wetted at all
Annihilation of human senses
Hallucinations, this is what I see...
As dreams are imperfections of Truth,the awaking from life will show thou the Unknown
In fact we ignore what has created us, we just adore what we create

We can't create nothing that is not divine We're perfect

Take your fruit in the Orchard of Life...