Fen - Dustwalker lyrics


01. Consequence

I cannot escape the consequences of what I have done
Bloodless lips whisper in the corridors of time
Icy daggers of regret spear so deep
Hollow-eyed revenants reach for me
Dead, black orbs aflame with accusation

02. Hands Of Dust

The fading trails of a silent soul
Adrift within the enshrouding snow
A rusty scalpel of feral lamentation lacerates
The purity of peace
The chill of ending rips through me

03. Spectre

Embers settle on a sanguine shroud
With each cycle it sinks further
Beneath twilight's burnished rind

05. Wolf Sun

Dissolved in the vortex, alone in this moment
The road behind now lost in shadow
I'll hold on to this sun
I can't stop myself from

06. The Black Sound

And the black sound resumes once again
Stronger and louder and colder this time
And I yearn to return to the place of my dreams
To shed the anchor of a slowly rotting tomb

07. Walking The Crowpath

With the scent of damp ground and woodsmoke,
Nature's incense unfurls
Sated by carrion, the watchers land and gather
Branches hang heavy as they observe
For their memory, for their pain,
For their very essence I walk the Crowpath