Misery Index - Siberian / Thus The Beast Decapitated [Split] lyrics


02. Thus The Beast Decapitated

Feed us with guilt to break our spirit
Poison the mind to deflect the blame
Perpetrate acts to annihilate reason
Detonate feelings to transplant their hate
Lavished with love? To sedate reality
A life free of pain and hurt is a myth
Their bludgeoning quest for the truth relentless
Thus the beast is decapitated
Raped by memories long forgotten
Take what is said to manipulate
Summoned to crawl in the hour of despair
Punished and beaten, condemned we still care
Smiles mask an ulterior motive
We drink once more from the poisoned well
Apologies tumble like jewels from our lips
Thus the beast is decapitated
Molesting the ego with failure as reward
Harnessed the failure falls
Thus the beast is decapitated [4x]