Leprous - Coal lyrics


01. Foe

Reduced into tears
Cold winter gust
My disease
Your time to shine

Since the start
Upholding the trust
Search your heart
It is mine

Urgent and unaccidental
Broken foe in my sight
Hard to see
Clear and bright

Innocence bleeding
Sudden, foreseen
Dismounting heathen
Stagnating seed in

Lawless you say
Directions still unknown
Go down this way
You're on your own

02. Chronic

Remember the days
In a story that ended
Post mortem scars
Unable to heal

Deliberate words
Brought to silence
Taking the step
Into the unreal

Try to be selfish
Try not to stay
Secondary to imagine
How to slip away

They lie
Where we can keep them safe

Deaf screams
As our story shatters
No one to catch me
Better not fall

Beating my head on a rock
Nothing matters
Could not forget
Still after all

Try to be selfish
Try not to stay
Mutual days
Separate ways

Nothing ever seems to happen
I believe it's you
Buried under our revival
You believe it's true

03. Coal

Treasure the day
It won't return
Step away and let it burn

Flip a coin
Don't abide
Friends will change you on each side

Feel the water
Tender embrace
Hidden trace

Witness the details
Lead to your goal
See how the formula
Turns to coal

Set free the tension
Steer back the wheels
Turn around
See how it feels

Way below
Base of your soul
Realize everything
Playing a role

Watch it burn
Even though you fear
It might just turn
Into more coal

04. The Cloak

Drink a cup of emptiness
Tame the storm, in your head
Put a lid on your memories
Fighting darkness, with hollowness

Silence serving your need to escape
To think without thinking
Ignoring the cure

Will you cry tomorrow, reflecting on yesterday's action
Cry tomorrow trading your satisfaction

An illusion of peacefulness
Shutting down your senses
Adding colors, would make you burn
This comforting cloak of grey

Silence serving your need to escape
To think without thinking
Ignoring the cure

Will you cry tomorrow, reflecting on yesterday's action
Cry tomorrow trading your satisfaction

Cry tomorrow, reflecting on yesterdays action
Cry tomorrow, trading your satisfaction
Cry tomorrow, reflecting on yesterday's action
Cry tomorrow trading your satisfaction

And when you cry tomorrow
When you cry tomorrow

05. The Valley

When it began
Lacking a goal
Ten years I ran
In hunt for a soul

Adhesive flame
Endless it seems
Intriguing shame
Too late to redeem

Everyone knows
Honest and brave
What lies too close
Something to save

Valley in sin
This valley I'm in

Where you are
My secret star

Moving away
Nowhere to run
No one can stay
Vanishing sun

Visibly frail
Easy to see
How to prevail

Still there it lies
In rivers thin
Down in disguise
In my valley within

06. Salt

We didn't stop to recognize
The thundering fog
Going down with all the lies

Cubes of marble waiting to be
Shaped into grace
Hiding what you'll never see

Forgive my tears
When they turn to salt
After facing your fears
It's time to revolt

Symptoms of vanity
Referring pain
Seeming to come from inside

Based on the bad side
I only see
The things you are trying to hide

07. Echo

Stuck in self pity
Anger filling the void
Rapid expansion of the sinful city
The darkness being my call

Strangers walking in my home
Sounds of you not there

Never seen the night so dark
I lack the will to care
All alone in city lights
Where you absorb the echo

Taste the layers of my heart
See it shatter
Mute the voice

No direction
No final call
Alone to make the right choice

Bound for terminal descent
Sacred simple mark
Devoted little testament
Every simple spark

Keeping it together
For my own sake
Retain any sudden urge
Defy the high stake

08. Contaminate Me

Watch me
My measures get desperate
Stand beside me
Keep your head calm

Futile pride
Holds back my endeavour
Talking loud
Beneath my own palm

Will you follow me if I ask you?
Will you wait for me if I stop?
Will the time I give you be helpful?
Shall our lives be one 'till I drop?

Repent, relearn
Do it all again
No need to know your lie

Bring back the blissful words
They still make no sense
Copy, paste
At rest I'm in suspense

Surrender to a forgettable story
Narrow idea of a doubtful start
Inverted fury
Surpasses me
Settling in
My heart

In seems to me that you know by now
All the right ways this should be done
Obstacles vanish
Contaminate me
Now run

09. Bury

Bury your face
Leaving no trace
Tear down your wall
Weakest of all

Bury my face
Beneath a mask
Keeping away
Stolen identity
Tearing me down
Day after day


Day in, day out
Stay in, don't shout
Silent rattle
Forgotten battle