01. Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)
02. Consumate Spellbound Synapses
03. Towers Of Silence
04. The Ash And The Stars
05. Beyond Diurnal Winds
06. Nuclear Crucifixion (Turning The Spear Inward)
07. On The Tree Of Life And Death
08. Transept Of Limbs
09. Death Meta

01. Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)

The flow of words and thoughts
Encase reality
The birth of God, out,
Cognizance of being

But for an untimely moment
We reach back for that
Which preceded all thought and form
Then return
To the firmament

Bend transcend pushing throbbing
Through fleeting external husk
Exegesis of God before men:
The awareness passes on
An imposer granting the gift to impose...
Cyclic revelation
Mirror of Orion glows above
Revealing self as god

02. Consumate Spellbound Synapses

"Everything you are
Became because of me
Seed spray spewed in menstrual catacombs
To curse this pane
With your becoming"

I knew nothing
Vestiges of nothing remain
I cannot separate
From that which became
Yet I was... Unborn

"My rod and staff procreated thee
Your undoing was done my by doing
Succulent flesh of the porous mother
Place of your doom in her hole
Cervical chambers awash in sperm
Effulgent semen procreated your doom"

When I was born I knew I was wrong
How the cycles seemed out
The contradiction of contrition
Consumate spellbound synapses

"We attempt to erase void
Strains on thought negated by thinking
But still you seem to recall
That which did not be
Doomed to see beyond the veil
Which coddles flesh so tenuously
We blind you padding senses endlessly
But still you penetrate"

I will reach the darkness
Beyond the cycles of this realm
Your attempts to bind me futile
As I smell death and recall

03. Towers Of Silence

Under blasted skies
Twin spirals ascend
Trod by execrable wanderers
Upon abysmal planes
The forgotten host

Antecedent slaves
Lofty purpose disremembered

Starved for obscene spirituality
They weep upon the morbid altar
The stuttering animates shudder

Beleagued by void embodiment
Shimmering between mass and spirit
Struggling against their own form

Depravity vibration
Towers of silence

04. The Ash And The Stars

I cross myself against myself
To bear a solar seed
Twin aegis scepters twine
Spinal fluids rise
Flanked by cherubs
The seat of my mind's eye

Crematory organ in the depths
Cradles the gland
Heart of hemispheres unwound
Born beneath my tongue

Bristling with energy
Uncanny pylons spark alight
The raising of the djed
Capacitors align

The milk of the stars
Gazing nightside eyes
As the form reduces ashen
Particles return
Consciousness is thrust beyond
Never more to stir
The ash and the stars

05. Beyond Diurnal Winds

Beyond diurnal winds
I am the desert before all time
Waves crash against me
Vapourized...this is were light dies

"Envenomed my breast
Oily teat of compression

All forms forgotten
On the waves of sand

Noctambulant ether
Carrion winds
Deconstruction paradise
Embalmed sigils bleed

Ancient rhythms of accumulation
Swept aghast in night's curtains

06. Nuclear Crucifixion (Turning The Spear Inward)

Turning the spear inward
The leaf shaped blade unhoned
Rooted in unturned stones

Self veneration
Lashed by will
Trans servitude
Bestial whoreship

Pentralia horribilis
Naturalis undone
Ascetic reversal
Stopping the furtherance

Furtherance of nature unnurtured
Stones of death unturned
Holy castration and severance circles

Self veneration
Lashed by will
Trans servitude
Bestial whoreship

Serpentine undulations
Maiming internal chasms

Vascular carnage
Intimate muscles bleed


07. On The Tree Of Life And Death

Nucleic contortion
Grandiose internal
Lexical veils
Quake in macronova

Unlightened internal discharge
To storm beyond the stars
Beating constellational adipocity
Of peurient annunciation

Mouldering robes of putrescence
Nurture blazing flesh
Dying to rise
Ignivomous horns
Anarcoleptic reversion
Grand mithral delight

Superior -non- angle
Grandiose internal
Lexical veils
Burst in micronova

08. Transept Of Limbs

The Cross - orbit of stain
Rejected from the void

Space defined - transept of limbs
Dripping from central hole

Form unconfined - diadem's reflection
Blackness remade to protrusion

VIBRATION - effecting matter's resonance
Against the boundaries of all form

Exudation - binary diagrams
Off successional physical emanations

Ejaculation - divulging dormant properties
Birthed from nothing like shit

09. Death Meta

The imminent collapse of the universe
Under the weight of its own knowledge
Layers of truth compacted
Until the center can bear no more

Through the orifical gate
Refining dust to black diamonds of shit
Transcendental logos matrix shattered
By the unspoken word before time

"I have splayed the split penis in all directions
from side to side and back and forth

A smashed milk star with crystalline emanations
from the black flesh hole and central void

Now the code will spread throughout the universe
as gusts converge to planets on my arms

The vilest stench of my physicality
blows across the nebulae of star nurseries

And fathomless emptiness of space will cease
and matter shall engorge throughout the entropic dominion"