Lantlôs - Melting Sun lyrics


01. Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes

I take the azure ladder
Into sun colored haze

Numb me
Numb me

Into the vault of no time and space
Sweet ether, numb my senses

Numb me

02. Melting Sun II: Cherry Quartz

I want to be back
Please take me to the filed
Where the sky flows
Into my eyes
So I can barely see
Wave me down, to you brother

Be my anemone
Pick me down
From this sky for I dissolve
In light, in sun, in day
My journey is so long and I am so small

And I can see the waves
Rumble and grow
A blur and pink puffy giant
Like a blanket I will use you
And cry with you to learn from you

03. Melting Sun III: Aquamarine Towers

I've seen you
I've been through the sun

04. Melting Sun IV: Jade Fields

Let me go, let me go
Dont't feel sorry
I have been soothed
And forgot about my past
I am a river flowing free
I am the sun
I am the universe fading
I have seen you
I've been through the sun

06. Melting Sun VI: Golden Mind

I was so young
Had so much to feel
At the cherry tree
I loved to breathe beneath
This air is so sweet
The violet steam
Treasured in crystal
To keep time away

Viscid like honey
The vanished days
Like liquid gold
Dripping into my heart
Blearily drinking
The purple bliss
To turn back time
To feel this again