Magrudergrind - II

grind 14.02.2016

I don't know who this Magruder guy is, but he is one *angry* muthatrucka and he sure can grind. Play and smash stuff.
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Apothecary, Mr. Doctor, Abattoir
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Ulver doing Ulver 11.02.2016

The new output from the Norwegian black metallers gone electronic maestros is just more of what Ulver have been doing splendidly for years now. Oozing of drone and psychedelic influence, it's a powerful exercise in transcendent beauty and diversity, with each track managing to have its own distinct flavor while still following a common theme. Forget the fact that you can't pronounce this album's title. Instead, focus on the fact that this is probably the most immersive and stimulating Ulver album in quite a good while.

Go and get it.
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Deadsoulman, BitterCOld
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Hands Of Despair - Bereft

Progressive Death/Black? 10.02.2016

Five years later, these guys are as good as before (or the one guy who is the mastermind behind this project), or perhaps even better. "Bereft" is so varied, that it should satisfy fans of quite a few metal genres.
Picked by: Daniell
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Spazztic Blurr - Before... And After

(Old) 17.01.2016

Sounds like a pack of grown adults in a Discovery Zone ball pit who also have some anthrax.


Weeping Silence - Opus IV Oblivion

Gothic Doom 09.01.2016

From the guitar riffs drowning in gloom, to the mixture of somber beauty and ominous power of the male and female vocals, Weeping Silence deliver an album full of poetic pain and mourning for happiness, the individual, and the Earth itself. They pay homage to the withering effects of time, and offer the listener an "icy throne in winter's embrace" to sit in as they stand beside you, as we all watch the sun set one last time.

Listen here
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Jason W.

Jess And The Ancient Ones - Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes

Psychedelic 06.01.2016

It tickles my retro so.

Tickle yours at Bandcamp.

Ysengrin - Nigrum Nigrius Nigro [Split]

Hermetic Dark Metal 04.01.2016

It's like when someone tells you that someone you don't know is weird and you go give that someone a shot because "weird" is overused and then you find out that, yeah, he is weird.

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Motörhead - Orgasmatron

lemmy metal 30.12.2015

Year was 1990. Buddy and I rented a car near the Navy Base. It had a tape deck, so we stopped by a music store and he bought this tape. Over the course of our weekend Rent-A-Wreck adventures, he altered the lyrics of the title track to "I am the one, <insert bitter's real name here> son, the outstretched gaping image is of agony, my servants rape the land."

This beer's for you, Lemmy. (with a toast to Worsham, should he ever randomly stumble on this site.)

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Shepherds Of Cassini - Helios Forsaken

Post / Prog 28.12.2015

This album slowly seems to be working its way under my skin. It's a kind of a borderline post metal and prog album, highly reminiscent of Giant Squid at times, and for some reason reminds me of Indukti, though I've not listened to that one in ages. Love the violin on this one.

Try it out at Bandcamp.
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Nefarious, BloodTears
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Vastum - Hole Below

Death Metal 24.12.2015

This is dirty, menacing & crushing Death metal of the highest order that grabs your attention from the first note until the last.

Sound like your kinda thing? Then check it out here
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Degial - Savage Mutiny

death 22.12.2015

All I want for Christmas is ....

Degial couldn't have picked a better date to release their new monster of an album. If you liked their previous efforts than you won't be disappointed by Savage Mutiny; in your face death metal at it's finest.

Have a listen HERE
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D.T. Metal
Marcel Hubregtse

In Each Hand A Cutlass - The Kraken

Post 21.12.2015

Instrumental post rock / metal done right. It's been growing on me throughout the year, and I like it more with each spin. It's way better than God Is An Astronaut. It beats even Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster's third album which in my case says a lot. The Kraken is good stuff.

Listen at Bandcamp.

Marriages - Salome

Alternative 20.12.2015

If you are familiar with Emma Ruth Rundle's solo work, you might have heard of Marriages as well. Even though the music is different, the genius work is the same only heavier. Caustic, experimental and painfully tormented at times, Salome gets dreamier and dreamier the deeper you reach. It merits repeated consumption and can be quite addictive.


Funeral Oppression - The Prisoners Of Life

Depressive bm 19.12.2015

Do you like Nontinuum?

Picked by: psykometal
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Saurom - Sueños

Happy Hobbit Dance Party Metal 08.12.2015

Garden-fresh, clean as a whistle, immoderately melodic, and soaked to the very strings with the uncomplicated happiness of a halfling who's just found himself in the possession of a wagon full of mince pies. This album is the perfect mash-up of power and folk metal - bright, dramatic, loud, pure, energetic, life-affirming, and boasting especially incredible performances on the parts of the vocalist and folk instrumentalist. Every song is a celebration in itself, and there are a lot of songs.
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Fat & Sassy!

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