Shattered Hope - Absence

death doom 10.12.2010

so i've teased, tormented and tantalized you with a review of an album you could not have... Until Now.

It's a Festivus miracle.

If you like yer doom slow, drawn out, growly, and HELLenic, you know what to do.

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Essenz - KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen

Blackened Doom Metal, or Doomed Black Metal 08.12.2010

Hailing from Germany, these guys took me by surprise with their debut full-length, whose title I refuse to even try to spell here. If you're into groovy, well-produced doom metal that speeds up quite often, Essenz will rock your boat till you fall out of it. Pseudo tribal chanting, eerie female voices, headbang-inducing riffage, pounding drumming, even a song that has no sound in it. If you try this, you'll be in for some seriously weird offering. It may amaze you, it may bore you, but it will not leave you indifferent. Most likely, Essenz will put you in a trance. It put me at least. A solid debut, promising a lot for the future.
Picked by: daniell_p

Coffinworm - When All Became None

Doom / Sludge / Black 07.12.2010

It's December, and the traditional end-of-year-list season is coming up... Which is why I'll provide you with yet another awesome tip, so your own silly best of 2010 list will already look a little less terrible. You're very welcome.

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Dukatalon - Saved By Fear

sludge 03.12.2010

Sludge! From the "Riff Filled Land!"

Listening to this album is akin to being beaten about the head and neck (very slowly) with blunt objects. Only I imagine listening to this album is a lot more fun than being battered by blunt objects. Slow, deep, hard and drenched in feedback.

If you still need convincing, read my review for more.

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Cradle Of Filth - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa

Extreme metal 02.12.2010

Love them or hate them, Cradle Of Filth are back with their most extreme album since Cruelty And The Beast. The band are still the modern force you have come to terms with of recent years, but the band have gone up yet another gear with this release.

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Picked by:
Thumbs up:
Baz Anderson

The Ocean - Anthropocentric

Ambient Soundtrack Doomrock 30.11.2010

The new The Ocean album is much better than the other new The Ocean album.

The album lies perfectly in line with its predecessor, with the sole difference that Anthropocentric shows aggression, heaviness, power and, well, everything else Heliocentric was lacking.
Picked by:
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Mr. Doctor

Sodom - In War And Pieces

Teutonic Thrash metal 30.11.2010

After thirty years dedicated to the thrash metal, German metallers Sodom are still alive and ready to kick some asses with their devastating stuff.

In War And Pieces is not reinventing the wheel, Sodom remains Sodom, but at least, it remains a very massive and solid album.

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Picked by:
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White Winter Sun
Troy Gallant, Ag Fox

Negative - Neon

Suomi / Glam 28.11.2010

It has been too many years since I've heard that unmistakable sound of Finnish melancholic metal/hard rock echo through my mind. I had never expected that release to come from Negative's latest Neon, as I always thought their past production was just too flimsy for my taste, but it seems I have been proven wrong, thankfully! The guys take me on a journey that makes me yearn for that mildly-used 1970s convertible, ready to drive away into the endless horizon with pounding, melancholic metal to throw away my life's disappointments into the wind.

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Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age

Progressive Space metal 25.11.2010

Arjen is back with his band of merry men for the follow-up to 2002's Space Metal. Following that album wasn't an easy task, but now eight years on and we have yet another fantastic album with all the Arjen and Star One hallmarks.

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Altars Of Destruction - Gallery Of Pain

Thrash! Thrash! Thrash! 23.11.2010

24 years after the band's conception, one of the best-kept secrets in the Finnish thrash metal underground has finally released its debut full-length. Needless to say Altars Of Destruction will be kicking ass up and down the scene with this beast of an album.
Picked by:
Thumbs up:
White Winter Sun, BitterCOld

Sad - Abandoned And Forgotten

Raw depressive black metal 21.11.2010

As the genre description above implies (and I suppose the album title itself), Sad aren't leaving their audience with much choice other than to self-mutilate in the most gruesome manner possible. No fancy effects, no thick production - just raw self-loathing in the form of intensely depressive repetition. Get out your razor blades and fill the bath tub with hot water for this one: things are going to get real messy.
Picked by:
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Troy Gallant
Ag Fox

Intronaut - Valley Of Smoke

Progressive Post-Metal / Sludge 16.11.2010

It's always a thrill when hyped bands such as Intronaut release new material, but fortunately the band delivers! An album that changes colors every time you give it a listen.

Hop on the Intronaut bandwagon or get out of the way, bitch.

Forbidden - Omega Wave

Bay Area Thrash metal 11.11.2010

Thirteen years have passed since the latest band's offering, entitled Green, which had exhibited a subdued result.

Anyway Omega Wave marks an attractive return. Indeed Forbidden are back and their amazing thrash riffs too.

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Helloween - 7 Sinners

Power metal 11.11.2010

Helloween are back with their best album definitely at least since The Dark Ride. This is heavier stuff, modern, and certainly catchy without being cheesy. This will be one of the albums of the year for all those concerned.

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Baz Anderson
GT, Ag Fox

Rosetta - A Determinism Of Morality

Post-Metal / Atmospheric Sludge / Ambient 09.11.2010

Definitely among the best albums of the year. Rosetta are pushing the boundaries of metal once again, practically raising it to a form of art. Brilliant release through and through!

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