Mandragora Scream - Volturna

Gothic 07.03.2010

A controversial but, nevertheless, fine album by an Italian Gothic ensemble who have this time used their old style together with new tones resulting in a haunting album with more aggression and subtle electronic traces. Good to see this band are still around.

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Picked by: Hobbit Viggo

Bloody Panda - Summon

Narcotic Sludge Doom 06.03.2010

Bloody Panda's Summon, the successor of Pheromone and a step-up in every imaginable way, seems to have been largely overlooked by the Metal community. It may have to do with the fact that this album is unlike everything you've heard before. Slow drones, disturbed dynamics and drug-crazed shrieks are just some of the elements present. Ethereal and cold howls, organ sweeps and frantic drumming are a few others. Welcome to the mansion of madness...

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Thryce, Troy Gallant, Mr. Doctor
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Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void

Gothenburg Metal 05.03.2010

One of the three originators of the Gothenburg metal scene, Dark Tranquillity are still pretty much alive and kicking.
While they somehow stay true to the same formula since Damage Done (2002), We Are The Void is a bit more original than Fiction (2007). Darker, somehow more "black metal", with a different approach on the keys, it's no doubt DT... with a twist.

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Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

Black Metal 05.03.2010

fantastic follow-up to their self-titled release. seemed to fly a bit under the radar last year, and, honestly, it took me a while to appreciate it. you can find a full review of the album here.

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Heavenly - Carpe Diem

Power metal 05.03.2010

Fifth album from these French power metallers. Not only is this album cheesy as hell, it has a ton of Queen influence on it. This is basically a power metal version of Queen. You'll need your cheese shields for this one, if not for the music then the cover!
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Baz Anderson

After All - Cult Of Sin

Thrash! Thrash! Thrash! 05.03.2010

Belgium's loudest export product are at it again. This is the kind of thrash metal that is cruel, angry, fast and as tight as a mosquito's ass. The bombardment of an album features guest appearances by members of King Diamond, Agent Steel, Armored Saint and Helstar. Are you listening yet?? Because you definitely should be...
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White Winter Sun

Autopsy - Horrific Obsession

Good old Death Metal 02.03.2010

A 2 song EP. Recorded in 2008 and released in early 2009 by US legends Autopsy.

Two songs might not be a lot, but this EP accomplishes something rare nowadays, first, it doesn't spoil the band's "Legacy", second, it just kicks ass. This is pure Autopsy in the vein of Mental Funeral. A no brainer for fans of the band.

Mid-tempo crushing death metal with a doomish feeling like only Autopsy can make. Recommended.
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Marcel Hubregtse, Mr. Doctor

Sepia Dreamer - The Sublime

Instrumental Progressive Metal 28.02.2010

The Sublime is a long-time favourite of mine and has been part of my top 4 albums since I first listened to it. Above everything else this album is grand, epic and intricate in its own elegant way. Emotional and full of mood-swings, it seems delicate at times and radiating with power at others. With its many facetes this release defies genre boundaries and sounds more complete than it ever could with vocals.

Sepia Dreamer's The Sublime isn't exactly easy to get into on initial listening, but believe me, it's well worth the try. If you feel up to the challenge you can give "Capitulation" (the last track of the album and the only one off it on their myspace page) a shot!

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Darkside Momo, Lucas

Asylum Pyre - Natural Instinct?

Symphonic metal 27.02.2010

This is one of the best albums of last year that reached me and I am glad it did. This French ensemble makes some modest but good quality symphonic metal with some progressive elements. The overall impression has some similarities with the early works of Nightwish. The best feature of the band is the blend of the classical female vocals and clean male singing.

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Hobbit Viggo
Dane Train, Bas

Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu

Psychonaut Black metal 27.02.2010

Muukalainen Puhuu is the perfect album for the seasoned space traveller. Their bewildered, chaotic and inventive style of Black metal incorporates krautrock and psychedelica (and more!) coupled with a cosmic theme and massively spaced-out vibe. If you're in need of a holiday for the soul, drop some acid and spin this baby.

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Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR

Progressive Folk Metal 26.02.2010

Released one month ago, it hasn't leaved my CD played (or my Ipod) since.
It's been six long years since Orphaned Land offered us the wonderful Mabool. Did they do better? I honestly can't say... But who cares? Both are awesome masterpieces of metal, extreme, folk, prog, melody, all of that and more.
So, come abroad in this musical journey, following a soul lost in darkness that becomes a warrior of light...
Definitely an album to be experienced, not merely listened to.

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High On Fire - Snakes For The Divine

Sludge/Stoner 26.02.2010

Came out on Tuesday and has dominated my cd tray since. The production allows the bass and drum support, usually overshadowed by Pike's mighty axe, to shine through as well. This power trio is ugly, dirty, loud, barbaric, and tight. \m/


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Dream Evil - In The Night

Heavy Power metal 26.02.2010

Dream Evil are back. These guys always put out top class heavy metal, and they've done it once more. This album isn't quite so catchy as a whole than some past albums, but the overall package is one of great solidarity. Some songs will make you think Judas Priest, others will make you laugh. These guys have a sense of humour, and aren't afraid to put it into the music. "In The Night" is a terribly addictive album that'll have you hooked. Extremely likeable, memorable, heavy power metal.
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Baz Anderson

Anger As Art - Disfigure

Thrash! Thrash! Thrash! 26.02.2010

In case you don't know Anger As Art, the band is basically the second incarnation of cult thrash band Abattoir (if you don't know Abattoir either, you have a lot of homework to do, boy). In case you don't know this album, it's basically one of the most overlooked thrash gems of the past year - no doubt. The album is an assault of neck-wrecking riff mania - no shit - and the level of aggression is simply off the charts. In case you still don't have a clue what I'm talking about, it's an in-your-face knock-out kind of album you should hear NOW!

Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs

Atmospheric Sludge metal 26.02.2010

There's something about this album that makes you want to play it again and again. Isolation Songs is very addictive indeed, with a multitude of catchy riffs and hooks. Each song is separately memorable, but they also work very well as a whole, flowing naturally from one into another, balancing between being aggressively rough and hauntingly melancholic, with a lot of acoustic passages and clean vocals. Isolation Songs sounds like a cross between Dark Tranquillity and Porcupine Tree, with a unique powerful atmosphere that lingers long after the last song stops.

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