Rosetta - A Determinism Of Morality

Post-Metal / Atmospheric Sludge / Ambient 09.11.2010

Definitely among the best albums of the year. Rosetta are pushing the boundaries of metal once again, practically raising it to a form of art. Brilliant release through and through!

Ufomammut - Eve

stoner doom 06.11.2010

Featuring tons of fuzzed out stoner doom distortion in the basic format of Sleep's Jerusalem - i.e. one long-ass song divided into several parts - these Italians followed up their MS Award winning Idolum with another superb effort. Eve is an enjoyable head-trip for after you've knocked out a couple belts of the firewater.

War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX

Mathcore / Technical Metalcore / Jazz 02.11.2010

New War From A Harlots Mouth album! New War From A Harlots Mouth album!
New War From A Harlots Mouth album! New War From A Harlots Mouth album!

Here's the stream link... you know what to do.
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Helevorn - Forthcoming Displeasures

Gothic Doom 31.10.2010

Rarely does an album make me feel nostalgic for the human race at the same time that I forsake all hope in it. Solidly crafted and produced, complete with thoughtful and personal lyrics and melodies, Helevorn offer us a somber experience into the withering of us all.

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Melechesh - The Epigenesis

melodic black metal 30.10.2010

The masters of modern Mesopotamian melodic black are back. Epigensis sees Melechesh continuing to put their stamp on melodic bm by incorporating all sorts of exotic scales and instrumentation foreign to many western ears. All the exotic is piled on to a solid foundation of pounding drums, sneering vocals and ripping riffs to create an album that definitely stands apart from and above the crowd.

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James LaBrie - Static Impulse

Progressive Metal 30.10.2010

James LaBrie is hands down one of Metal's greatest voices and after five years returns with his newest solo album. When most people think of LaBrie doing a solo album the first thought is a bunch of ballads. But not on this record. A brilliant blend of Gothenburg and Prog, Static Impulse is a hard hitting, kick-ass record that is sure to turn heads and shows Dream Theater's vocalist in a whole new light!

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Byfrost - Black Earth

Blackened Thrash or Thrashy Black, you decide. 30.10.2010

Can you define cool? It's something that's not necessarily brilliant, or inventive, or grounbreaking, or world-changing. It doesn't redefine anything, it doesn't discover new realms. But you love it anyway. It hits this part of your brain that expects simple pleasures, without justifying why they are so pleasant.

That's how I perceive Byfrost's debut album. It delightfully tickles my ears and massages my belly with its groovy, bassy rhythms and riffs. It spellbinds my hands so that I can't take the CD out of my player and I'm forced to press "play" again. Oh, it also sounds great in my car. It makes traffic jams a lot less unbearable. And it makes drivers around me look at me in bewilderment as I rock, jump, and do air-guitar to the sounds of Byfrost.

Do not miss out on those simple, un-pretentious pleasures. Let Byfrost bring you one.

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The Man-Eating Tree - Vine

Suomi metal 26.10.2010

Clear melancholia and pure sadness, the essential Finnish way. Just delightful, isn't it?
And just like that, a little piece of Sentenced lives on. Winter cannot come fast enough...
Picked by: Thryce

Ion Dissonance - Cursed

Deathcore 19.10.2010

If there's one worthwhile deathcore album released in 2010, that you'll still be playing when you're old and flatulent, it's Ion Dissonance's meteorite of a record. Intelligent deathcore that will wreck your head!

(Thanks again Dangerboner for the tip!)
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!J.O.O.E.!, Mr. Doctor

Yakuza - Of Seismic Consequence

Avant-Garde Metal/Jazz 14.10.2010

A crunchy and delicious combination a hardcore delivered aggression and intensity with lengthy, post-influenced smoky jazz concoctions; a visual palette of neon lights in slow, nostalgic motion.

The saxophone never sounded so good.

System Divide - The Conscious Sedation

Melodic Death metal 12.10.2010

Modern melodic death metal never sounded so fresh... and surpassingly versatile... and crushing.

Spiced up with the female vocals of ex-Distorted singer Miri Milman, Aborted frontman Sven de Caluwé is back with another unforgiving assault of an album!
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White Winter Sun, Ag Fox

TotalSelfHatred - TotalSelfHatred

Depressive black metal 11.10.2010

The album responsible for keeping me sane during my month-long absence from Metal Storm due to internet connectivity issues.

Art this depressive truly helps put "real life" and one's priorities into perspective.

Still awaiting Apocalypse In Your Heart (tentatively set to be released in 2010, though it's beginning to look more like 2011 will set the stage for its unveiling).

My ISP better get back to me before then...

Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent

Killing Joke 07.10.2010

This new album, the first in nearly 30 years with the original line-up, completely lives up to its promises. Or not. Depends on what you were looking for.

This certainly doesn't prevent it to be full of great songs, reminiscent of many eras of the band's history. But make no mistake: it's not a trek along Nostalgia Lane. Killing joke is as always terribly relevant, actual and modern (or, dare I say it, post-modern).

Plus, these new songs kick ass live!

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Trollfest - Villanden

Folk Metal 30.09.2010

These crazy Norwegians I found by mistake and I am glad I did with their original crazy blend of folk metal. If you like folk metal and you want to hear something different then Trollfest are what you need. They have a nack for throwing various instruments out at you through their albums and I even heard a Kazoo somewhere along the course of this album. They're a good party band and you cannot take them seriously, they even manage to make duck sounds.

So you need something out of the ordinary? Here you go.... Trollfest.
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Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Progressive Black 30.09.2010

Over the last couple records, Enslaved seemed to be moving towards metal middle age... from Black Metal to Black Floyd. AEO sees them continuing the prog path, but at the same time drawing from the best elements of their past work. The tone of this is harsher. At times they show the familiar gallop of their old BM works, at others the weirdness of Monumension and the confidence of Below The Lights. i love this album so much i want to fuck it.

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