Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero

Power metal 16.03.2014

This kind of powerful, Teutonic power metal might be hard to come by these days - but Iron Savior are still standing strong as the years pass. Three years after the previous album, Rise Of The Hero is another solid piece of work and a welcome reminder of how things should be done.

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Picked by: Baz Anderson

Last Chance To Reason - Level 3

Progressocore 10.03.2014

More than two years ago I highlighted the second level and now I'm back trying to serve as a pointer for this underrated album. With the disappointing new Cynic effort I find myself constantly returning to here, filling the void. Bye bye breakdowns, it appears the band is trying to distance themselves from the "core" label and present a more mature, intention-driven output. The cheese may be gone, but the fun remains the same. Subdued synths are more poignant when compared to 2, with the end result being a more balanced sound.
Cynic != new Cynic;
If Cynic || Between The Buried And Me || Protest The Hero rings true to you, listen to this album.

Fungoid Stream - Prehuman Shapes

For want of a better name, funeral doom 09.03.2014

One of the most original and cryptic doom bands, no doubt. The new album, as hard as it is to get, is at least on a par with their previous releases.

Aurora Borealis - Worldshapers

Space-themed Death metal 08.03.2014

Ron Vento proves again he knows how to write good death metal.
Picked by: psykometal

Nasheim - Solens vemod

"Atmospheric" Black Metal 03.03.2014

If you've been missing the golden days of Drudkh, are pining for the emotionally charged atmospherics of Fen's debut, or feel like Walknut's sophomore will never arrive, then this is truly the album for you. And what a blinder it is; dense and foreboding with a subtle, folky darkness that harkens back to Negură Bunget's 'n Crugu Bradului'.

Hatriot - Dawn Of The New Centurion

Thrash 03.03.2014

The guy who wrote the Blade Runner book once wrote in reference to Rome that "the empire never ended." So, if Rome can be equated with Thrash right now, and if these guys (Steve Souza and sons) are some of its centurions, kneel and listen, resistance would be stupid.

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Nadja - Queller

Ambient Drone 03.03.2014

Four tracks, slightly over 40 minutes long. In this case, that means that we're dealing with some master crafters of pure, drony goodness. If you're familiar with Nadja and the ten thousand releases that make up their discography, you know the dilly by now: slow, monontonous doom, but also with a hidden sense of dreamlike melody that hints at many great things lurking beneath, and muddled vocals that create even more of an otherworldly vibe. More structured and heavier than their previous Flipper effort, but still unquestionably within their style.


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!J.O.O.E.!, Mr. Doctor

Vanden Plas - Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld (Path 1)

As usual 02.03.2014

If you know the band, you know what to expect. And you won't be disappointed. Chances are, you'll be amazed.

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BloodTears, Demonic Tutor

Morbus Chron - Sweven

Progressive Death / Thrash 24.02.2014

Morbus Chron appear to want a piece of the action that Tribulation got last year with their phenomenal The Formulas of Death album. Like them, they see themselves merging an old-school aesthetic with a modern twist. Death, thrash and progressive metal is blended harmoniously with mature songwriting and superbly organic production to create superlative atmosphere.

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Manii - Kollaps

Atmospheric Black 23.02.2014

Cold and distant, depressive and haunting, desolate and gloomy. Very well done. If you remember the first Manes album, you'll more or less know what to expect, but with much better production and musicianship. A mandatory listen for fans of black metal that bets on atmosphere as opposed to speed.
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Wijlen Wij - Coronachs Of The Ω

Epic Funeral Doom 17.02.2014

The sophomore release from this potent Belgian trio is a stimulating journey through four heaping slabs of funeral doom. However, this certainly isn't evil and soul-crushing in the traditional understanding of the style. With Wijlen Wij, clean vocals, suprisingly good melodies and grooves, and even a few audio samples combine to form some of the most upbeat and overall interesting funeral doom I've heard in quite awhile. Opener "Boreas" is nothing short of amazing.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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Dephosphorus - Ravenous Solemnity

Astrogrind 14.02.2014

Grecian, space-themed blackened grindcore. As good as it sounds. Far more song-based than your average grind outfit; this record displays an impressive amount of technical mastery and songwriting variation, not to mention a rich and satisfyingly juicy sound.

"I can say with utter certainty that Dephosphorus are my favourite grindcore band" - Stephen Hawking

Benighted - Carnivore Sublime

Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 06.02.2014

This French semi-trailer truck will hit you so hard in the face, you won't even realize what happened when it's all over.

Listen here.

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Behemoth - The Satanist

More Black than Death 03.02.2014

Starting with Demigod, Behemoth's albums became more and more soulless. Faster, more brutal, better produced, but devoid of feelings. But no more. This one is spontaneous, wild, unhinged and unpredictable. It has more music than brutality, more feeling than calculation. A fantastic treat.

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Picked by: Daniell

Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema

Prog gone cabaret 01.02.2014

I know you have your plate full with Awards but, come on, this is just so much genuine, pure fun you're about to miss out on. It's not exactly avantgarde but it's playful and theatrical, it's sombre and poetic, it feels like watching a play. Basically it's what happens when prog goes cabaret in the head and feels just plain good about it.

If you fear to take on the whole album over at Bandcamp, just listen to the awesome "The Wheelbarrow."

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Darkside Momo, R'Vannith, BloodTears
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