Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian

Progressive stoner doom 23.08.2014

A forward-thinking approach to the stoner doom genre that emphasizes complex song structures and hypnotic textural riffing. Lose yourself in the vivid landscapes of Aeonian right here.

Fantom Warior - Morbid Invasion

Thrash 21.08.2014

Here's an oldie that's just been reissued and that's guaranteed to wreck some shit and stuff.
Picked by: wormdrink414

Crimson Shadows - Kings Among Men

Extreme Power Metal 17.08.2014

An unpretentious mix of DragonForce, Amon Amarth and mid-career Ensiferum.

Extreme power metal done right.

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Doc Godin
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Arkona - Явь

Folk Metal 15.08.2014

It took me a few listens to let this album fully sink in, but Arkona wisely drops their light-hearted, catchy hooks to bring us an album with a much better flow and sense of focus. That doesn't mean they aren't as dynamic, progressive-minded and aggressive as ever though. These Russian folk metal giants are still on top of their game.
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Fat & Sassy!
R'Vannith, D.T. Metal

Blood Of The Black Owl - A Banishing Ritual

Sioux Drone 14.08.2014

The one man project of Chet W. Scott, Blood Of The Black Owl is a hypnotizing journey through foreboding sounds and monolithic landscapes. Native American themes abound, with use of wind flute and some drony, chant-like vocals to help heighten the vibe and make you feel as though you're being banished by the ritual of the album's title. This album may be four years old, but screw it: if you're down with the whole drone/dark ambient nonsense, this is definitely one you need in your life.

Begin the daze.
Picked by: Apothecary

Into Orbit - Caverns

Post 10.08.2014

The New Zealand Duo craft some instrumental post-rock/metal goodness. Constructs and build-ups are well executed and enjoyable if standard format, but the crescendos really help make this a bi-polar bit of post-fun.

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Entombed A.D. - Back To The Front

Death N Roll 27.07.2014

Hey! These guys sound a lot like Entombed!

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Monolord - Empress Rising

Stoner doom 24.07.2014

Equally parts heavy and psychedelic, this early Sabbath-worshiping Swedish trio will rock you with crushing riffs and a fuzzy atmosphere that puts the 420blazeit in Monolord.

Get your toke on right here.

Skyclad - Prince Of The Poverty Line

Skyclad at their best! 21.07.2014

You know what? This album's twenty years old and it's still as relevant as it was when it first came out. So do yourself a favor and check it out - or spin it a few times again!

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Darkside Momo
R'Vannith, Mr. Doctor, Daniell

Overkill - White Devil Armory

Need you ask? 18.07.2014

New Overkill. Same old shit 3rd time in a row. I wish more bands recorded the same old shit 3 times in a row to such good effect. Screw modern copycats, listen to real thrash. Yeah, I know. Broken record syndrome - I always bash new thrash bands and praise Overkill. Judging by the quality of Overkill's recent output, it's not likely to change any time soon. Sue me.

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R'Vannith, wormdrink414

Goatwhore - Constricting Rage Of The Merciless

Black/Death/Thrash 13.07.2014

You thought Goatwhore were bullshit awesome before? Just wait 'til you shove this in your ear hole...

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Bölzer - Soma

Blackened death 11.07.2014

The hype surrounding the band following the release of Aura last year is proven not undeserving with their second EP. Riffs with a great hook, a thundering old school death metal sound with a bit of a modern twist, and subtle threads of black metal that hold all the seams together. If your expectations were high for this, chances are good you won't be disappointed.

Check out "Steppes" over here.

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Serdce - Timelessness

Jazz-infused Progressive Death Metal 07.07.2014

To put it bluntly, Timelessness is nothing short of a masterpiece!

Don't believe me? Go give it a spin HERE, and decide for yourself.
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R'Vannith, Darkside Momo
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Infernal Curse - The End Upon Us

Death 17.06.2014

No amount of febrezing will save you, this thing is putrid.

Stream it here.
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Ag Fox

Saor - Aura

Scottish folk metal 14.06.2014

The word "authentic" comes to mind when listening to Saor's sophomore album, which is written and performed by Andy Marshall for the most part, aside from some guest accompaniment. This is an atmospheric black metal album which convincingly incorporates Celtic instrumentation and vocals, all composed in five fairly lengthy songs. It's creative efforts like this which keep the folk metal genre well and truly alive.

Listen to Saor on bandcamp.

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