Satan - Life Sentence

Heavy Fucking Metal 17.09.2013

I guess you could say that, on many accounts, I have been Court In the Act of headbanging to this album like a crazy person.

Hammerforce - Access Denied

Power/prog 09.05.2013

Rock-solid, high-energy, synth-driven progressive power metal that doesn't fuck around. No heel-dragging ballads and the synthesizer doesn't sound like an afterthought, but is an integral part of the music? On a power metal album? Well, slap my ass and call me babycakes! Sign me up for another listen!

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Steelwing - Zone Of Alienation

Nineteen eighty-something 30.01.2012

Iron Maiden's new album is pretty sweet, guys.

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Arkona - Slovo

Folk Metal 21.11.2011

What is it? FOLKING BRILLIANT, that's what. Much more comparable to Serdca K Nebu than their last effort, which is a good thing to my ears. So much variety packed into each song without sounding messy or forced. Every song (minus the interludes) is like a little baby epic.

And just so you cats know, since I don't speak a lick of any Slavic languages, I sometimes pretend that the female singer is chanting about eating pizza for bonus-fun-time-points. You know... FYI.
Picked by: Fat & Sassy!

Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two

Prog/blues rock 26.09.2011

Pretty sure all you cats need to put away Opeth's latest attempt at recapturing the spirit of classic progressive rock and give Pain of Salvation's latest a spin or two. Expect plenty of bluesy grooves, catchy harmonized melodies, and a vocal performance by Daniel Gildenlöw that will tear out your heart strings with no remorse.

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Chthonic - Takasago Army

Melodic Black/Folk Metal 03.08.2011

Having never heard any of this Taiwanese band's previous releases, I kinda figured that the oriental folk elements of the album were going to be obnoxiously forced into the music. But alas, these elements are tastefully blended in with the metal on this album and make for yet another solid release this year that will probably swoop under everyone's radar. Anyone interested in melodic black metal or folk metal should definitely check this puppy out.

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Blood Stain Child - ε Psilon

Guilty Pleasure Metal 04.07.2011

I wouldn't recommend this addictive album to just anyone, but if you can stomach the EXTREME candy-coated pop sensibilities of this kind of music then give ε Psilon a go. There are some absolutely killer tracks on this album just begging for you to dance around your house/apartment/Heavy Metal Castle like a complete loser to. FUN. FUN. FUN.

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Picked by:
Thumbs up:
Fat & Sassy!
DerRozzengarten, Mr. Doctor

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

Blues Rock 21.06.2011

Oh boy. Another surprise hit this year. It may not be the most original music ever, but each track on this album packs a punch with tons of feeling and atmosphere. So next time your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends come over for some maximum chillage, put your Zeppelin albums away for a night and put Hisingen Blues in your sound system. Let Graveyard help you relax and then make some drinks, make some friends, make some memories, and maybe (if you're lucky) make a little bit of love tonight.

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Unexpect - Fables Of The Sleepless Empire

The Madness Reigning Kind 06.06.2011

Shit got crazy, and I got scared.

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Turisas - Stand Up And Fight

Symphonic Awesomeness 24.05.2011

I don't really understand why some people are disappointed with this release. Sure, it's a little less aggressive than their previous albums, but I think this (with the help of a stronger focus of symphonic elements in the song writing) gives their music a more whimsical movie/classic RPG soundtrack feel. I mean, if "End Of An Empire" doesn't make you wanna fight (and die) for the glory of your homeland and ancestors, then you may as well drop your mighty battleaxe and banish yourself from the Kingdom of Metal. So sit back, relax, and let Turisas take you on little imaginary adventures with each epic track on Stand Up and Fight!

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Picked by:
Thumbs up:
Fat & Sassy!
Lyrinan, DerRozzengarten, GT

Stolen Babies - There Be Squabbles Ahead

Avant-garde metal 06.04.2011

If over the last four years, you somehow managed to miss this fun little trip to a macabre fairy tale about the twisted circus of your dreams... I don't actually know what to tell you besides that you've failed me as a friend. This album is a catchy ice metal sundae made up of a delicious blend of dark cabaret music, Oingo Boingo, Mr. Bungle, nuts and chocolate syrup, all topped off with a lightly flavored black/thrash metal cherry. Take your time. Enjoy it... but you should probably finish it before they (hopefully) dish out their new album this year.

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