His favorite band is The Beatles, who inspired him to become a musician when Beatlemania spread worldwide.
The cover of his 1988 album "No Rest for the Wicked" created controversy; it seemingly depicts himself seated and young children gathered around a Satanic shrine.
Every single one of his solo albums (of original material) has gone multi-platinum.
Ozzy has long said that "Suicide Solution", a song about the dangers of alcoholism, was written as a tribute to former AC/DC vocalist Ronald Belford Scott (Bon Scott) who had died an alcohol-related death in 1980. However in 2002, the writer of "Suicide Solution (Ozzy's former bassist and main lyricist, Bob Daisley), revealed that the song actually alluded to Ozzy himself.
In 1981, after signing his first solo career record deal, Osbourne bit the head off a dove during a meeting with some record-company executives in Los Angeles. Apparently he had planned to release doves into the air as a sign of peace, but due to being intoxicated at the time, he instead grabbed a dove and bit its head off. He then spat the head out, with blood still dripping from his lips.

On 20 January 1982, Osbourne bit the head off a bat he thought was rubber while performing at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 ranked this incident number two on its list of "Rock's Wildest Myths." While the Rolling Stone article stated the bat was alive, the woman who threw it onto the stage said it was brought to the show dead. According to Osbourne himself in the booklet to the 2002 edition of "Diary of a Madman", the bat was not only alive but also managed to bite him, resulting in his having to take rabies shots.
Ozzy's 2010 album Scream was originally titled Soul Sucka. But since Ozzy's fanbase didn't like the title, Osbourne changed his mind and scrapped the title.