Strapping Young Lad - Trivia

Their music video for "Love?" is a tribute to the 1981 horror movie "Evil Dead".
The first time Jed Simon met Devin Townsend, he had his pants pulled down by Townsend.
Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing was recorded in six days.
In the 2007 movie "Shoot 'em Up", Strapping Young Lad is found playing "Zen" (from the album Alien) on the television set, which seems to comfort a crying child.
The final track on 2005's Alien, "Info Dump", is a representation of the panicked feelings Devin Townsend had suffered through when he stopped taking his medication during the creation of this album. Previously before recording Alien, Townsend had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
The song "Aftermath", found on 2003's Strapping Young Lad, is written about Social Studies, Devin Townsend's favorite subject in school.
The album Strapping Young Lad is also referred to Devin Townsend as "Chicken Feather".
The way that the line "Sleepwalking" is sung in the title track from the album "The New Black" bears a striking resemblance to the Grotus song "Sleepwalking". Devin Townsend has stated that he has been influenced by Grotus so the similarity is most likely not a coincidence but a tribute.