Impaled Nazarene - Trivia

When the band released Ugra-Karma in 1993, they used a picture from a Hare Krishna book for an album cover. Few years later, an ex-fan who became a member of Hare Krishna saw this and informed his religious authorities. Soon the band and their former label Osmose got sued for a $100.000, but they managed to settle this outside of court and Spinefarm and the band paid. Band members stated: ''Pretty good from religion that does not believe in earthly belongings.''
Impaled Nazarene have for most of their history displayed Finnish nationalism (for instance in their song Total War - Winter War about the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939 and 1940), and have been strongly anti-communistic as exemplified in their song Healers of the Red Plague on Rapture. Various samples and references to Nazism are made in their works, however in a 2006 interview singer Mika Luttinen stated that he does not consider himself as a nationalist or patriotic, and isn't interested in politics at all.