Dalriada - Trivia

Dalriada's first demo, Walesi Bárdok was a three part cover of a legendary hungarian poet, János Arany's ballad. It was relased in 2003 by the band, only 100 copies were made.
Dál Riata (also Dalriada or Dalriata) was a Gaelic overkingdom on the western seaboard of Scotland with some territory on the northern coasts of Ireland.

Dalriada or "Riadó Dal" is also an ancient Hungarian word that means battle song.
The origin of the band name: The Scots came from a kingdom in Ireland which was known as Dalriada. This kingdom corresponded roughly with the modern County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The Dalriada crossed the North Channel from Ireland to Kintyre in Scotland, eventually establishing a kingdom around Argyll. The first record of this migration is in 258 A.D. The Dalriadan kingdom in Scotland overshadowed that in Ireland, and the kings made their home in Argyll, in its ancient capital of Dunadd.