Lordi - Trivia

The Arockalypse features many guest-stars on its tracks: Dee Snider and Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister, Udo Dirkschneider from Accept/U.D.O. and Bruce Kulick from Kiss. Before the album was released in Finland, there were rumours about other possible guest-stars to feature on the album, including Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Rob Zombie, and other members of Kiss, the latter being Lordi's greatest influence. In reality, only Sebastian Bach and Alice Cooper were ever asked to be guests on the album, but neither were able to make it.
As for the album "Babez For Breakfast" title, it is an ironic answer to the question of whether monsters eat babies for breakfast or not. We twisted the final letter 's' to a 'z', which changed the pronunciation. With this twist we wanted to state that this album is not as serious as Deadache, says the band frontman, Mr. Lordi.
There were only an estimated 200 physical copies of the single "This Is Heavy Metal", and it is seen as a rare collectors item amongst the Lordi fans.
Lordi's ex-drummer, Sampsa "Kita" Astala was fired in 2010 from the band, after appearing on stage unmasked with his other band Stala & So.
Lordi was a part of the cast in the film Dark Floors (2008) directed by Pete Riski. In the movie, Mr. Lordi has been credited from the original idea of the film.
During promotional video shoots, the band have had to wear their monster costumes for up to 8 hours.
Amen played on the acclaimed soundtrack of the PC game Shadowgrounds.
Lordi won the mainstream pop-contest "Eurovision" in 2006, in Athens (Greece) with the song "Hard Rock Hallelujah". After that a central square in Rovaniemi was renamed to "Lordi Square".
Lordi need 3 hours to prepare for their shows because of their costumes and their makeup.